Catwoman Radio Playlist April 25, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

• Huevos Rancheros_Muerte del Toreador_Mint_Moondawg 2000*
• G Men_Rehab's for Quitters_Oct 32nd_Movement in the Treeline*
• The Mahones_Take No Prisoners_Stumble_Whiskey in the Jar*
• The Flaps_The Flaps_Kelp_Ouzo*
• Foggy Hogtown Boys_Northern White Clouds_FogHog_Lily Hoskins*
• Ojos de Brujo_Techari_Six Degrees_No Somos Maquinas
• The Presidents_Crash of Thunder_Vampi Soul_Peter Rabbit
• Hazmat Modine_Bahamat_Barbes_Grade A Gray Day
• Hank Williams III_Straight to Hell_Bruc_Satan is Real
• The Stems_Terminal Cool_Get Hip_Tears Me in Two
• Big John Bates_Take Your Medicine_Devil Sauce_Gothsylvania*
• Agriculture Club_Farmageddon_Catch and Release_Prairie Wildflower*
• Booby Traps_Booby Traps_Off the Hip_Shoulda Known Better
• 2 Pump Louie_Revenge of the Alien Baby_Federal Dog_Poison Paraside*
• Suzie McNeil_Women's Blues Revue Live_TBS_Up Above the Clouds*
• Charlie Palomares_Igozalo! Bugalu Tropical_Vampi Soul_Vive Boogaloo

Catwoman Radio Playlist April 18, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

• Joe Bataan_ Latin Funk Brother_VampiSoul_Subway Joe
• Fathead_Blues Weather_Electro-Fi_Real Crazy Mama *
• Ray Condo_Door to Door Maniac_Joachin_Done Gone Crazy *
• Gutter Demons_Room 209_Pirates_Run Away Loco *
• D.O.A._War & Peace_ Sudden Death_Disco Sucks! *
• Tito Puente_Salsa Vibes_World Music Network_Mas Bajo
• Red Elvises_I Wanna See You Bellydance_Shooba Dooba_Hawaii
• Sharon Jones_Dap Dippin'_Daptone_The Dap Dip
• El Caminos_Reverb Explosion_DelFi_Exotic
• Hissy Fit_What To Wear_independent_Chief *
• Victor Bateman_Another Country_independent_Wayfaring Stranger *
• Mr Rick & The Biscuits_Cocktails & Cornbread_independent_Jump L'il Rabbit *
• High Dials_War of the Awakening Phantoms_Rainbow Quartz_Our Time is Coming Soon *
• Juke Joint_Choose to Groove_Zootsuit_Muhta *

Catwoman Playlist April 11, 2007

This was my fundraising show, so more talk, less music! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed – I really appreciate your support! All the money contributed by donors to CIUT goes directly towards keeping us on air (you mean Catwoman doesn’t get a new diamond-studded collar???)

Purrs to Doug, Speedking Records, Girl From Outer Space, George/BabyOil, Larry, Rocky & Deena from Real Cool Time (Tuesdays 6-7pm on CIUT 89.5fm!), Barrie Farrell, Darcy, Diane, Stella, and the 808 Ossington Crew (Shadow, Tabitha, Pippi, Moggins, Solange, Shandy, Little Nel & Munroe)

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

• Tijuana Bibles_First of Fury_independent_Gorilla Twist *
• Planet Smashers_All Skanadian Club_Stomp_Pierce Me *
• Smugglers_Team Mint_Mint_To Serve, Protect & Entertain *
• Rita Chiarelli_Just Getting’ Started_Stony Plain_Just Getting’ Started
• Ray Barretto_Acid/Head_VampSoul_Mercy, Mercy Baby

Catwoman Radio Playlist March 28, 2007

Catwoman Playlist March 28, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

• Jack Bongo Burger_In A Cocktail Mood_Rykodisc_Jordu
• Flamin’ Groovies_Feed Your Head_ Mojo Magazine_Slow Death
• Man or Astroman_Psycho Beach Party_Unforscene Music_Mermaid Love
• Royal Crowns_After Dark_independent_Caveman Boogie *
• James Hand_Truth Will Set You Free_Rounder_Little Bitty Slip
• Punjabi by Nautre_Jump for Joy_independent_Dance with PBN *
• Mountain Bluebirds_Mountain Bluebirds_independent_Your Mother’s Gone *
• Dawn Tyler Watson_Women’s Blues Revue_Toronto Blues Society_Wild, Wild Woman *
• Antibales_Security_Anti_War Hero
• Paul Reddick_Villanelle_Northern Blues_Big Not Small *
• Mike Ness_Cheating at Solitaire_Time Bomb_Devil in Miss Jones
• Les Secretaires Volante_Thermosplastique_Tin Group_I Mean Blackout *
• The Midways_Rock n Roll_independent_Got No Right *
• Myracle Brah_Rainbow Quartz Sampler_Rainbow Quartz_This Is Where We Belong
• Hepcat_Right On Time_Hellcat_I Can’t Wait