Catwoman Radio Playlist, Dec 30, 2009

Sisters Euclid, A Boy Named Merle
Royal Crowns, Heavenly Body from Outer Space
The Evaporators, Oh Non (Rousseau)
Random Killing, Gotta Get Sober
Fruko y sus Tesos, Salsa Na Ma
KC Roberts & the Live Revolution, Far Away
Buck 65, Wicked and Weird
Badmarsh & Shri, Get Up
Blue Demons, Beatnik Bandit
Bella Clava, Disgusting
High Dials, (Do the) Memory Lapse
Azzadine, Srir F'Al Houbb
Royal Fingers, Hey Chance
background music by the Dexters

Catwoman Radio Playlist, Dec 23, 2009

Fauna, El 04
The Gruesomes, Thanks for Nothing
The Burnin' Sands, Big Boss
Max Woolover, Hank Williams
Marcelinho da Lua, Tranquilo
Moses Mayes, Full Moon
The Charles, Motorcycle
Mika Miko, Totion
Luxury Condo, Country Confessor Bird
The Sadies, The Land Between
Doug Kershaw, Honky Tonk Wine
Downchild, Dew Drop Inn
Southern Culture on the Skids, MexiMelt
Maceo Parker, Rabbits in the Pea Patch

Upcoming Catwoman Radio Friendly Concerts

Fri. Dec 18, Foggy Hogtown Boys Xmas special, Silver Dollar Room

Mon & Tues. Dec 21 & 22, Bluesy Xmas w/ Dave Murphy, Dan Noordermeer, David Rotundo, Julian Fauth, Shakura S'Aida, Donna Grantis, Jerome Godboo, Hugh's Room

Dec 31, The Sadies at the Horseshoe

Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 16, 2009

King Chango, Finalmente
Benitez & Nebula, Hey Girl
Jacques & the Shakey Boys, I Ain't Always Lived
The Robots, Stinkey Juliens
Dirty Bottom, Slow Down
Shonen Knife, Explosion
Showman, Soldier's Joy/Turkey in the Straw
Black Keys, Strange Times
Atomic 7, Man with the Golden Card
Amazing Royal Crowns, Shiverin' in the Corner
Smokin' Contra Band, Diamonds on the Soles of the Shoes
Rebel Rhythm, Toca Tu Timba Part I

Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 9, 2009

Bad Religion, Recipe for Hate
Bikini Kill, Rebel Girl
Smokin' 45s, Hangover Roadtrip
Las 4 Monedas, Perdóname
Max Pashm, The Tongue Lick it a Little
God Made Me Funky, Phantastick
The Esquires, Sadie's Way
Justin Curtis & Sally Jo, Ride into the Night
Legendary Shackshakers, Down and Out
Afrodizz, Killing Floor
Les Breastfeeders, Et J'apprendrai que c'est l'hiver
Minto, In the Water
The Eradicators, Friends & Enemies
Ray Barretto, El Nuevo Barretto

Upcoming Catwoman Radio Friendly Concerts

Tues. Dec 8, Elvez w/Los Straightjackets at Lees Place

Sat. Dec 12, Madagascar Slim, Silver Dollar Room (early show 8pm); followed by The Bon, The Boojies, The Beestings, 11pm

Fri. Dec 18, Foggy Hogtown Boys Xmas special, Silver Dollar Room

Dec 31, The Sadies at the Horseshoe

Catwoman Radio Playlist, Dec 2, 2009

Guest-hosted by Oliver White - thanks!

WolfMother, California Queen
The Leather Uppers, Wizard's Castle
The Screwed, Your Generation
The Chickens, Hardly Remember
Them Crooked Vultures, Reptiles
The Robots, Ride the Surf
After the Weather, She's Breaking Up
Bad Religion, Faith Alone
The Flaming Lips, Evil
Dr. Rage and the Uppercuts, Greed
The Dead Letters, Ghost of a Thousand Battles
Psychotropical Orchestra, Sed
The Breakmen, Hospital Moon
Danko Jones, Samuel Sin
Them Crooked Vultures, No One Loves Me & Neither Do I

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 25, 2009

Bill Laswell's Jazzonia, Cotton Tail
Atomic 7, She's Got Hagagar Party Slacks
Raygun Cowboys, Light Me Up
D.O.A., Hockey Song
Bitman y Roban, El Hechizo
Smokin' Contras, Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms
Ninety Pounds of Ugly, Ugly Stick
Agriculture Club, I'm the Bad & Ugly
Dolly Rocker Movement, In My Mind, In My Words, In My Heart
George Benson, Give Me the Night
The Meters, Ride Your Pony
Tijuana Bibles, Ring Y Lucha
background music from the Mexican Madness comp

Upcoming Catwoman Radio Friendly Concerts

Fri. Nov 27, Uma Nota with guest djs ElMan and Jason Palma
Sat. Nov 28, Women's Blues Revue at Massey Hall
Tues. Dec 8, Elvez w/Los Straightjackets at Lees Place
Sat. Dec 12, Madagascar Slim, Silver Dollar Room (early show 8pm)
Fri. Dec 18, Foggy Hogtown Boys Xmas special, Silver Dollar Room

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 18, 2009

Mr Something Something, What Are You Waiting For?
Rosie Flores, This Cat's in the Dog House
Zooparty, Neat Freak
Booby Traps, Dig Your Attitude
Spam Allstars, Joe Drives Through Medley
Breakstra, Need A Little Love
Urban Surf Kings, Paging Omar
Nik Beat, Looking Through Dracula's Glasses
Neko Case, The Next Time You Say Forever
Christian D & the Hangovers, Shimmy Shorts
The Vapids, Revolution Road
La Chango Family, Rien n' va Plus
Almighty Defenders, Ghost with the Most
background music by the Urban Surf Kings

Upcoming Catwoman Radio Friendly Concerts

Thurs. Nov 12, Nicodemus at Revival, as part of the medicineman/Goldfinger "Gold Medicine" 10th Anniversary Party

Fri. Nov 13, The Idlers, the Outbred Inlaws + Luau or Die at Rancho Relaxo

Thurs. Nov 19, Andre Williams w/the Sadies at the Horseshoe

Tues. Nov 24, Dehli 2 Dublin, Lula Lounge

Tues. Dec 8. Elvez w/Los Straightjackets at Lees Place

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 4, 2009

Lito Barrientos y su Orquestra, Cumbia in Do Menor
Reverb Syndicate, Lunar Attack
The Emeralds, Talk About Love
Bella Clava, Wine 'n Dine 'n Dash
Nickodemus, Funky in the Middle
Papagroove, Papagroove
The Idlers, Fish 'n Rum
Outbred Inlaws, Subway to Hell
Minto, New Bones
Myracle Brah, This is Where We Belong
The Sadies
Lickin' Good Fried, I Don't Know
Schomberg Fair, Angel's Wings
Jose Conde y Ola Fresca, Oshiri Pan Pan
background music from the 3rd Annual Great Lakes Surf Battle

Catwoman Radio Playlist, Nov. 4, 2009

Purrs to all those cats 'n' kittens who became members of the Catwoman Club in support of CIUT 89.5 FM, community radio:

Barry The Bear
Rich/Speedking Records
Gary Topp promoter extraordinaire
DJ Darcy
Thomas M.
Chris K.
Nathan L.
Brendon S.
Candace M.
Leslie M.
Scott W.
Dan B.
Christian from Dementia 13
G. Gillespie

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 4, 2009
JP5. Beer Drinking Maneaters
Goran Bregovic, Venzinatiko
The Gruesomes, Cave-in
Princesa, Con La Misma Moneda
Huevos Rancheros, What A Way To Run a Railroad
King Khan & his Shrines, Torture
Colin James, Breakin' Up the House

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 21, 2009

The Herbaliser, Mr Chombee Has the Flaw
The Heavy, Oh no! Not You Again!
Video Dead, What's Your Poison
Goran Bregovic, Venzinatiko
Nik Beat, God is a Romantic Scientist
Bebel Gilberto, Simplesmente (Tom Middleton Balearic Remix)
Big Sandy, Heaven is the Other Way
Eddie Cochran, Twenty Flight Rock
The Modellos, It's Gettin' Tough
Los Reyes '73, Adeoey
Chancha via Circuito, Bosques via Temperley
Souljazz Orchestra, Parasite
Forro in the Dark, Baiao Embolado
Tiki Tones, Tiki Hydromatic 350

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 14, 2009

Mike Ness, Crime Don't Pay
Outbred Inlaws, Arkansas
Raveonettes, Gone Forever
Agent Orange, Bite the Hand
Nik Beat, Remembering Heaven
Catl, Me & My Chaffeur Blues
The Sojourners, He Calls That Religion
State of Bengal, Tori
Kinky, Conqueta
Sarazino, Mundo Babilon
Staylefish, Walk the Dog
Destructors, Nasty, Nasty
La Fleur Fatala, Astral Girl

Upcoming Catwoman Radio Friendly Concerts

Sat. Oct 10, The Ultimatemost High, The Bon, Filthy Rich and No No Zero at Mitzi's Sister

Sun. Oct. 18, Shonen Knife at the Horseshoe

Thurs. Oct. 22, Corb Lund at the Horseshoe

Wed. Oct 28, Roky Erikson with the Sadies at Lees Palace

Wed. Nov 4, Warsaw Village Band, Lula Lounge

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 7, 2009

Luke Doucet, Long Haul Driver
Wayne Hancock, No Sleep Blues
Tijuana Bibles, Ring Y Lucha
The Bon, Stupid Question
The Spores, Holy Cow
Max Pashm, Immul Kish Mayn Tokhes
Plan C, Lies
Groove Corporation, Blind Man with a Cigarette
The Vanishers, Family Plot
Saffron Sect, All Leads Back to You
Warsaw Village Band, Let's Play, Musicians
background music by the Tiki Tones

Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 30, 2009

Bad Religion, Stranger Than Fiction
Smokin' 45's, Hangover Roadtrip
Dex Romweber, Lookout
United Steel Workers of Montreal, Green Means Go
Beyond the Pail, Postscript
Parno Graszt, Gelem, Gelem
Outernationalists, Green Africa
The Mohawks, Sound of the Witch Doctor
The Sin-Tones, Astrogirl
Ultimatemost High, You're Gonna Miss Me
Random Killing, Hash in America
Reverend Horton Heat, Death Metal Guys
Five Alarm Funk, March of the Latin Zombies
Princesa, Con La Misma Moneda

Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 9, 2009

Royal Fingers, Black Sand Beach
Nashville Pussy, Headin' for the Texas Border
King Khan & His Shrines, Kukamonga Boogaloo
Brian Sezter, Dirty Boogie
The Sadies, Yours to Discover
The Divorcees, Take Me Where My Boots are Walking
The Blasters, Marie Marie
Outbred Inlaws, Subway to Hell
Agosto Monk, More Bass
Lito Barrientos y su Orquestra, Cumbia En Do Minor
Dehli 2 Dublin, Dil Nachde (Sandeep Kumar's Kulture Klash Remix)
Bongokopter, Between Worlds
Royal Crowns, Mean, Mean Streak
Groove Corporation, Blind Man with a Cigarette

Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 2, 2009

Los Mocosos, Bandolera Era (Reggaeton Mix)
Soul Coughing, Super Bon Bon
Andre Williams, Hear Ya Dance
The Merry Widows, Deadly Kiss
The Bon, Stupid Question
The Threat, Not the Only One
Teenage Head, Frantic Romantic
Outbred Inlaws, Arkansas,
Broken Joe, Country Blues
Scotty Campbell, Stumblin' Round the Room
Sunbear, In the Country
Rick White, Eerie Acquaintance
Motorhead, Born to Raise Hell

Some great upcoming shows!

So many great shows coming up!

Wed. Sept 2, Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, Reverend Horton Heat, Sound Academy

Fri. Sept 4, Bella Clava, Elmo,

Tues. Sept 8, Outbred Inlaws, Horseshoe

Fri. Sept 11-Sun Sept 13, Southside Shuffle, Port Credit

Sat. Sept 12, The Sadies at the Horseshoe

Fri. Sept 18-Sun. Sept 20, East End Rockabilly Weekend

Sat. Sept 19, The Bon 7" release, The Trash Palace

Thur. Sept 24 - Sun. Oct 4, Small World Music Festival

Sun. Oct. 18, Shonen Knife at the Horseshoe

Thurs. Oct. 22, Corb Lund at the Horseshoe

Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 26, 2009

Groove Collection, On A Feeling
Fauna, El Gauchito Gil
The Twisters, Kiko
Downchild, Don't Mind Dyin'
Royal Crowns, 32 Miles from Memphis
Smokin' 45s, 40 Hooves
Bad Religion, Modern Man
Les Breastfeeders, Tu n'es pas mon chien
Danko Jones, Bounce
Planet Smashers, Attack of the Planet Smashers
Cobra Kings, Bite Me
Bucovina Club vs Taraf de Haidouks

Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 19, 2009

Leather Uppers, Bright Lights
Bella Clava, Blu Blockers
HiFi and the Roadburners, Strange Things
Aquaholics, Super Bee!
Carolyn Mark, Gopherville
Smokin' 45's, Freight Train Boogie Blues
The Breakmen, That's Where I Lay Down
The Sadies, Glass of Wine
Rebel Rhythm, Antillano
Pavlov's Dog Orchestra, Smile Away
The Deltanos, Born by the River
The High Dials, Book of the Dead
The Space Cossacks, Gunmetal Express
Background music from the Tuberider compilation

Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 12, 2009

Southern Culture on the Skids, Corn Liquor
The Smugglers, She Ain't No Egyptian
Shonen Knife, Frogphobia
Raygun Cowboys, Asbestos Rock
The Wives, Ripped
Rosie Flores, Hard Times
United Steel Workers of Montreal, Tracie Dean
Wayne Hancock, I Don't Care Anymore
Marcelhino Da Lua, Tranquilo
Plan C, Estoy Contigo
Afrodizz, Killing Floor
Juke Joint, The Melody Kind
Nebula, Synthetic Dreams
Background music by Polaris

Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 5, 2009

Carolyn Mark, Fuzzy Slippers
Sin-Tones, Knot of Wood
Agriculture Club, The Ballad of Pilsner Beer
5 6 7 8's, I Walk Like Jane Mansfield
Dub the Magic Dragon, Track #2
King Coya, Cumbiatron
Poppy Seed & the Love Explosion, Lemon Coloured Dress
Monkey, Communication
Klezmatics, Moroccan Game
Novalima, Coba Guarango
Red Elvises, Grooving to the Moscow Beat
The Evaporators, I'm Going to France
Jim Byrnes, Death of Ernesto Guevara
Jason Plumb and the Willing, Wascana
Background music courtesy of the Aquavelvets

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 29, 2009

Ray Barretto, El Nuevo Barretto
Tangle Eye, Heaven
Foggy Hogtown Boys, When One Love is Over
Legendary Shack Shakers, The Deadenin'
Evil Farm Children, Cone of Silence
Duotang, Turtle Boy
D.O.A., Still a Punk
The Twisters, Doghouse
Atomic 7, Day of the Deadbeats
Nino Moschella, We Fight
Hoven Droven, Skogspolka
Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Banned from the Pubs
Social Distortion, Through These Eyes
Background music from the Rough Guide to Brazilian Electronica

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 22, 2009

Owl Farm, Seven Hounds
The Emeralds, Time Travelling Rock n Roller
Dex Romweber, Cigarette Party
Los Kifers, El Sol Es Una Droga
Fauna, El 04
Cobra Kings, Playin' the Game
The Donnas, Get You Alone
The Remedials, Idiot
Flash Lightnin, Coming on Strong
The Early Hours, EK Special
Los Texmaniacs, A mover el bote
Steve Earle and Del McCoury Band, Harlan Man
Scotia Junction, There Used to be a Train
The Real McKenzies, King O' Glasgow
background music: ¡Que Viva Venezuela!

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 15, 2009

Goran Bregovic, Za Esmu
Fort Knox Five, Funk for Peace
Derek Miller, Heaven
The Divorcees, God, Damn the Bottle
The Black Lips, Veni, Vidi, Vici
Brutal Knights, 2025
The Matadors, Up All Night
The Modelos, Stand Off
Psychotropical Orchestra, Acuerdate
Los Ros, Yeah
Budos Band, Mas o Menos
The Deltanos, Born By the River
Dead Kennedys, Soup is Good Food
Black Keys, Oceans and Streams
Novalima, Concheperla

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 8, 2009

Big John Bates, Mystiki
The Gruesomes, El Diablo
Steve Earle & Del McCoury Band, Yours Forever Blue
Billy Cowsill, You Win Again
Curumin, Caixa Preta
Magilla Funk Conduit, Thank Funk
Souljazz Orchestra, Grasshopper & Toad
The Screwed. First Time
Teenage Head, Let's Shake
Rancid, You Want it, You Got It
Booby Traps, Bad Reaction
NovaLima, Tumbala
Gary Kendall Band, Streeta Groove
Los Straightjackets, Tubby

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 1, 2009

Luke Doucet, Long Haul Driver
Justin Curtis & Sally Jo, No Apology Intended
King Khan & the Shrines, Le Fils Du Jacques Dutronic
Random Killing, Johnny Was a Punk
Dirty Maria, Ven
Tijuana Bibles, Cage of Love
Evaporators/Andrew W.K., Canaduh!
Fathead, Blues Weather
Juke Joint, Mutha
Groove Corporation, Get Up Get Down Get Funky
The Angstones, Plastic Cactus
Babalao Stereo Club, Ay Catira

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 24, 2009

Bad Religion, Recipe for Hate
Mika Miko, Blues Not Speed
King Khan & the Shrines, Let Me Holler
Fallan Soldier, A Big Front
Jason Plumb & The Willing, Saskatoon Pie
Dex Romweber Duo, Lonesome Train
The Evaporators/Andrew W.K., Don't Sell Hotdogs Tonight
The Gruesomes, Thanks for Nothing
Dolly Rocker Movement, Coffin Love
Nickodemus, 2 Sips & Magic
Willy Colon, Willie Whopper
Blackburn, Soul Searching
Colin James and the Little Big Band, Evening
Karsh Kale, Louder Than Bombs
Burning Sands, Typhoon

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 17, 2009

The Gruesomes, Out of Our Tree
AntiFlag, The Gre(at) Depression
Dolly Rocker Movement, Borne with Gills
The Divorcees, Born Ready
Fauna, Paralelisimo Style
Mahala Rai Banda, Malalageasca
Los Straightjackets, Sasquatch
Huevos Rancheros, Interstate Death Toll
Lori Yates, The Cameron 1985
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Down Around Bear Cove
Krasnogorski & The Moscow Country Club, track 1
Novalima (Remixed), Tumbala (Streamer Pilot remix)
Kittens Ablaze, Rabbit is a Live Wire

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 10, 2009

Urban Surf Kings, Go Go Island
Dirty Bottom, Inside
Balkan Beat Box, Pachima (UBK Remix)
Goran Bregovic, Venzinatiko
Buzz Deluxe, I Wanna
Rancid, Damnation
The Chickens, Super Bee
Rebel Rhythm, Return of El Watusi
Mr Something Something, Make Your Mind
High Dials, My Heart is Black
Black Keys, Strange Times
Victor Olaiya, I Feel Alright
Betty Padgett, Gypsy of Love

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 3, 2009

Free Oxygen Band, Free Oxygen
Jack Pedlar, Up on Down Street
The Fallout, Praise the Lord and Pass the Prozac
Farrell Bros, Devil in Disguise
Jessica Mitchell, Night & Day
Groove Corporation, Diggin' Vinyl
The Falcons, From Sea to Ska
Viva Nova, A Festa
Forbidden Dimension, Graveyard Line
Ramonettes, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
Heavy Trash, Under the Waves
New York Dolls, Muddy Bones
Karsh Kale, Hole in the Sky
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, The Dap Dip
Nickodemus feat. Carol C, Cleopatra in New York

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 27, 2009

Plan C, Fiesta
King Khan and the Shrines, Land of the Freak
D.O.A., Raise a Little Hell
Dex Romweber Duo, Lover's Gold
Ralph Robles, Soul Nitty Gritty
Eastern Standard Time, When Will Your Love Be Mine
SinTones, Rockabilly Rehab
Raygun Cowboys, Curse of the Django
Hotcha!, Mines Went Down
The Perpetrators, Movin' Right Along
Pink Fits, Lex B
Saban Bajramovic, Jek Dive Sabalje
Maya Nasri, Khallini Biljao

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 13, 2009

Brian Setzer Orchestra, Let's Live It Up
Jim Byrnes, Ol' Rattler
Wayne Hancock, Throwin' Away My Money
Swamperella, Black Cat Boogie
Electric Six, Down at McDonnelzz
Les Breastfeeders, Le Roi est Nu
Les Secretaires Volantes, Recidiviste
Catl, Hey Hey!
Novalima, Ruperta/Puede Ser
Orchestra Brasileira de Musica Jamaicana, TicoTico No Fuba
Shonen Knife, Explosion
Doc & Merle Watson, Hobo Bill's Last Ride
Grandmaster Flash, White Lines

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 6, 2009

Irakere, Bacalao Con Pan
Commander Cody, Wine Do Yer Stuff
The Kremlin, Danse Les Belles Filles Communistes
Police & Thieves, False Parades
Hijo de la Cumbia, La Mara Tomasa
Firewater, Bhangra Bros
Dolly Rocker Movement, Sold for Sinners
The Gimmies, Rock Show
Bongokopter, Northern Canadian Hillbilly Boy
Black Coffee Cowboys, Drinkin' My Blues Away
The Sin-Tones, Jesus Had a Gibson
Booby Traps, Dig Your Attitude
Orchestra Brasileira de Musica Jamaicana, Ska Around the Nation
Mexican Institute of Sound, Escribeme Pronto
Hey Stella, Last Thing on my Mind

Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 29, 2009

Southern Culture on the Skids, Meximelt
Los Mocosos, Bandolera Era
Mudhoney, I'm Now
Bella Bombs, Super Glue Beauty Queen
Groove Corporation, Blind Man With a Cigarette
Fort Knox 5, Papa Was Stoned
Black Coffee Cowboys, Dragstrip Girl
Susan Christie, Rainy Day
Neko Case, This Tornado Loves You
Kitchen Shakers, Shake Your Kitchen Down
Wayne Hancock, Freight Train Boogie
Delhi to Dublin, Apples
Suba, Sereia

Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 22, 2009

Come out to Funkete at the Smiling Bhudda this Saturday, April 25 - fun!!! May 9, Ricardo Lemvo at Lula, May 12, King Khan at the Phoenix. Whoohoo!!!

Amazing Royal Crowns, Shiverin' in the Corner
Samurai Attack, Volcano
King Khan and the Shrines, Took My Baby to Dinner
Ricardo Lemvo, Ay Valeria,
Joe Doe & The Sadies, It Just Dawned on Me
Broken Joe, Desperation Blues
Tijuana Bibles, Instantaneous Death
Princessa, Con La Misma Moneda
Dirty Bottom, Beep Beep
Royal Crowns, Mean Mean Streak
Teenage Head, Let's Shake
Propoghandi, Funeral Procession
Maple Blues Revue, One Day at a Time
The Warlocks, Red Camera

Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 15, 2009

Congratulations to Trish for winning the Catwoman Radio Super/Sexy/Silly Prizepack!

Wayne Hancock, Doghouse Blues
The Matadors, A Little Bit of Alcohol
Black Keys, I Got Mine
Black Halos, Migraine
Afrodizz, Bombe
Klezmer Juice, Miserlu
Dirty Maria, Ven
Bad Livers, Lumpy, Beanpole & Dirt
The Modellos, It's Getting Tough
Duotang, Call Your Side
Pedro Miguel y Sus Maracailbos, Arroz Con Coco

Catwoman Radio Playlist for April 8, 2009

PURRRRS to everyone who pledged their support to Catwoman Radio and CIUT FM last week. Catwoman has been spared a one-way trip to the pound! A special cat treat will be wending its way to the following cool kitties (no, it's not Kipper Snacks!)

Brian from Guelph
Diane, Soul Sister #1
Rocky from Real Cool Time, yeah!
Richard and Speedking Records

Urban Surf Kings, Muchos Diablos
The Sadies, Oak Ridges
High Dials, Our Time is Coming
Bellrays, Chemical
Dub the Magic Dragon, Track #1
Red Elvises, Hanky Panky Kind of Love
Go Nuts, Cheese to China
Royal Crowns, Heavenly Body from Outer Space
Deke Dickerson, I Gave My Heart Before
Chango Family, Parmatman
Gogol Bordello, Shy Kind of Guy
Propogandhi, Tertium Non Datur
Urban Surf Kings, Six Gun Party

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 25, 2009

Psychotropical Orchestra, Me Quedo Bailando
Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Population Council's Wet Dream
Yuri Yunakov, Belmont
The Arsenals, Beer Song
The Gruesomes, Ricochet
Trigger Happy, Shevette
Ian Dury, Sink My Boats
Tim Williams, Alberta Winds
Familiar Looking Strangers, The Letter
Saffron Sect, Wilds of the North
United Steel Workers of Montreal, Big Ol' Dirty Tatoo
Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood, Little Walter Rides Again

Be on the Radio with Catwoman!

Okay, there's a catch (of course) - you have to help me ask the good listeners of Catwoman Radio for money! Yes, it's CIUT's annual Spring Friends of 89.5 Campaign, coming up for Catwoman on Wed. April 1 (d'oh!), 5-6pm. I would love to have a couple of members the Catwoman Club come on air with me and tell anyone who is listening why my show deserves their hard earned dollars. Complimentary kipper snacks for all kind kitties! Message me at catwoman at ciut dot fm if you can help a poor kitty in need!



PS: Actually I'm kidding about the kippers snacks - we'll feast on delicious vegetarian treats instead.

PSS: Pledging money is an acceptable substitute!

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 18, 2009

Bim Skala Bim, Run Joe
The Donnas, Take it Off
Justin Curtis & Sally Jo, Ride into the Night
The Backstabbers, Drunken Hiccups/My Wife Died Last Night
Elvez, El Groover
Gary Kendall Band, When You Tell Me
King Khan and His Shrines, Que Lindo Sueno
The Weirdies, (I Wanna Play Defender)
Souljazz Orchestra, Grasshopper & Toad
Eccodek, Heart's Desire Dub
Five Alarm Funk, Don Mega
Eugene Ripper, Waiting for this Moment
Catl, The Last Road

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 11, 2009

I have a groovy giveaway, a rockabilly CD "Shoulda Known Better" by Justin Curtis and Sally Jo, a very cool duo who will have you tapping your toes and drinking your beers. First one to post "I Shoulda Known Better" (and we've all been there, yes?) to the Catwoman Radio facebook wall is the winner!

Go to for more on this great band.

The Pinkertones, Welcome to The Million Colour Revolution
Tijuana Bibles, We're Gonna Tangle
Honest D, Signs of Lonesome
The Sadies, The Trial
Pacifika, Me Cai
The Kingmakers, That's All Right
Gutter Demons, Playground Horror Peepshow
Dayglo Abortions, Stupid Songs
Lords of Hera. Within the Shadows
Tierra Santa, La Impurza de la Amistad
Andre Williams, Can You Deal With It
Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Power of Myth
Ojos de Brujo, Colore,
Heavy Trash, Pure Gold
Burnin' Sands, Typhoon

Catwoman Radio Playlist for March 4, 2009

The Matadors, The Devil Taught Me How
The Emeralds, Time Travelling RocknRoller
Huevos Rancheros, Whiteout Wyoming
Whiskey Jacks, Big Boss Man
Novalima, Coba Guarango
Firewater, Banghra Bros.
Electric Six, It's Showtime
The Exploited, Holiday in the Sun
The Gruesomes, Time is Gonna Come
Starvin' Hungry, Triumph of Non
Royal Purple, Blame Myself
Evil Farm Children, Hangover
Rebel Rhythm, Nuestra Musica
Ozomatli, La Gallina
El Siete Negro, El Tema Del 7 Negro
Justin Curtis & Sally Jo, Nashville Basement Apt Blues
All Star Band, Scotch & Sofa

Catwoman Radio Playlist for February 25, 2009

Some great shows this weekend! Thursday Feb. 26, trance with Dhoad Gypsies at Revival or or dance with Funkabelly at Supermarket. Friday, at the Mod Club - Luke Doucet! And it's assigned seating - whoa, classy! Saturday it is Funkete all the way - cumbia mashups and general hot dancing fun. Hope to see you there, Catwoman

The Sidemen, Seven Angels
King Khan & His Shrines, Kukamonga Boogaloo
The Polymorphines, Her Wild Rose
The Screwed, Born To Lose
Plan C, Maria
Chango Family, Mekench Mouchkel
Dirty Bottom, Dirty Bottom
Tribe 8, Junkyard Dog
Agriculture Club, I'm the Bad and Ugly
Royal Fingers, Point Panic
Justin Curb & Sally Jo, Nothing Lasts Forever
Ian Tyson, Fiddler Must Be Paid
Bebop Cowboys, Girl from Saskatoon

Catwoman Radio Playlist for February 18, 2009

The Articles, Well You Needn't
Unité, La Gachette
Atomic 7, Save Your Fork There's Pie
Asteroid No. 4, King Richard
Eccodek, Spacehall Dub
Treasa Levasseur, Stuck in Soulsville
The Five DuTones, Chicken Austronaut
Luc Doucet & the White Falcon, Comandante
Lori Yates, Who Know Daddy
Brothers Cosmoline, More Than Fine
Flash Lightnin', Down, Down
Honolulu Playboys, W. Bugert Super
Novalima, Se Me Van
The Modelos, Saddle Justice

Catwoman Radio Playlist for February 11, 2009

Gots lots of great feedback for the Antidote to the Dan Hill Comeback show. I knew I wasn't alone!

Hank Williams III, Satan is Real/Straight to Hell
Southern Comfort on the Skids, Corn Liquor
The Shimmys, Too Many Boys
Exit 13, Light Up!
Scotty Campbell, Smokin' and Drinkin'
Sheila Gostick, Stay Single
Reverend Horton Heat, I'm Drunk
Leather Uppers, Scream If You're High
JP5, Beer Drinkin' Maneaters
GMen, Beer 77
Merry Widows, Cruel Mistress
Bruiser Brody, My Last Pinner
The Wives, Fresh Blood
The Mahones, Drunkin' Dublin Night
Harry the Hipster, Who Put the Benzidrine
Johnny Carroll, Wild, Wild Women
Rabbits and Carrots, Sex Machine
The Weirdies, Good Girl Gone Bad Bad Bad
The Downbelows, 52 Pickup With Your Teeth
Hissy Fit, Restless
Quantic, Mofongo Para El Alma, Track #1

Catwoman Radio Playlist for February 4, 2009

Lots of great new releases at CIUT this week, including United Steel Workers of Montreal, surfabilly from the Modelos, and a new edition of North to Ontario, a compilation of bluegrass bands from around the province. I also a played a track from "999", the spanking new EP from Lords of Hera - bigger than the beast!!!

Dirty Bottom, Beep Beep
Soul Searchers, Ashley's Roachclip
Treasa Levasseur, Good Ones Never Share
Terry Blersh, Wearin' Out My Heart
Bruiser Brody, Master of the Universe
Lords of Hera, Within the Shadows
Made in Mexico, Guerillaton
United Steel Workers of Montreal, Three Hard Knocks
Carl Goodman & Ray Legere, Suck it Up, Buttercup
The Modelos, Saddle Justice
Victor Bateman, In the Pines
Alex Cuba, Perita en la Cara
The Centurions, Intoxica
The New Enemy, 3 Sheets

Catwoman Playlist, January 28, 2009

Okay, enough with the snow already.

I played a track from Luke Doucet and the White Falcon's Blood's Too Rich, and am so stoked for his show here at the Mod Club on Feb. 27! That's gonna be a crazy week, with the Fukété cumbia mashup at the Smiling Buddha the next night. Oh and Small World has the Dhoad Gypsies in at Revival on Feb 26. Action packed week!

Dirty Maria, Wake Up
Greyboy/Sharon Jones/Quantic, Got to Be A Love
David Rotundo, Shake it Down
Wayne Hancock, That's What Daddy Wants
John Reischman, Jaybird Song
Legendary Shack Shakers, The Deadening
The Sadies, Yours to Discover
Luke Doucet, First Day (In a New Hometown)
The Polysics, Electric Surfin' A Go Go
JP5, Chew the Bait
Hoa Hoa's, Mixed
Danko Jones, Bounce
Pacifika, Oyeme

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 21, 2009

Ray Barretto, Acid
Zydepunks, Papirossen in Gan Eden
Bill Carter & AV Looper, Cool Tom Cat
The Matadors, Up All Night
Catl, Me & My Chauffer Blues
Holly Go Lightly, Bottom Below
Waylon Jennings, Are You Ready for the Country?
The Gruesomes, Why Me?
Les Breastfeeders, Viens avec Moi
Zeke, Drunk
Evil Farm Children, Cone of Silence
Santerias, Paixao
Pacha Massive, Get it On
Los Twangers, Tres Palmas
Souljazz Orchestra, Parasite

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 14, 2009

I didn't have the track listings handy for Mexican Madness, so I just picked a track that sounded cool, and the band's name it turns out is El Gato Y su Banda. El Gato means cat (that much Spanish I do know). My evil twin Mala Gata must have been whispering in my ear...

Southern Culture of the Skids, Liquored Up & Lacquered Down
El Gato Y su Banda, Chavo Reactivo
United Steel Workers of Montreal, Tracie Dean
Road Bones, Another Time
Heavy Trash, Lover Street
Andre Williams, Can You Deal With It?
Benitez & Nebula, I'm So Sad
The Perpetrators, Movin' Right Along
Rita Chiarelli, Hurtin' Chain
Atomic 7, She's Got Hagar Party Slacks
Honolulu Playboys, Okapi
Toma Sidibe, Ragga Sunu
Dubmatix, Happy Dub
Souljazz Orchestra, Kapital

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 7, 2009

Necessity is the Mother of Organization (or some such thing...) Catwoman is away sailing (some cats do like water!), so she's pre-recorded two weeks worth of shows. So for once the playlist precedes the show.

The Dramatics, The Devil is Dope
Psychotropical Orchestra, El Son de la Muerte
Surfcoasters, Dreams
Sinkin' Ships, Mayday
The Vagrants, I Love Love You
Raygun Cowboys, Dead End Girl
Luke Doucet, Long Haul Driver
Del McCoury, I Feel the Blues Movin' In
Jackson Phibes, Cross Dressin' Daddy
The Only Ones, Another Girl, Another Planet
The Wives, Cut & Tear
Blue Demons, Beatnik Bandit
Von Zippers, Betty Lou Got a New Tatoo
Fauna, Canibal
Mr Something Something, Di Bombs