Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 26, 2008

Synchronicity strikes again! I put in a CD by the Phantom Surfers that had no track listing, and just picked a number at random - and got "The Cat Came Back". It's all connected!

Playlist for November 26, 2008

Souljazz Orchestra, People, People
Danny Wolfe, Let's Flat Get It
The Matadors, Faith in Booze
The Downbelows, Nowhere Too Fast
Reverend Max Woolaver, Hank Williams
Phantom Surfers, The Cat Came Back
Legendary Shack Shakers, Down & Out
Asteriod No. 4, Honey Spot
Pacha Massive, Drive
Firewater, Electric City
Will the Circle, Our Days Gone By
Michael Rault, Honey Bee
The Grascals, Only Daddy That Will Walk the Line
The Sintones (2 tracks, track listing AWOL)
Random Killing, Creed
today's background music by The Dexters!

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 19, 2008

Artist, Song (*=Canadian)

Psychotropical Orchestra, Me Quedo Bailando*
Tijuana Bibles, Mexican Courage*
Mikabomb, Underwear
The Shimmys, He's So Wigged Out
United Steel Works of Montreal, Small Town Banks*
The Sadies, Why Be So Curious?*
Reverend Horton Heat, Hello Mrs Darkness
Nebula, To the Center
Marcelhino de Lua, Tranquilo
Vampire Beach Babes, Sunshine on Me*
Barbara Lynch, We Go Back a Long Long Way*
Teenage Head w/Marky Ramone, Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party*
The Speedkings, Be Mine Tonight*
The Tonics, Nothing Beats a Royal Flush*

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 12, 2008

Artist, Song - it's ALL Canadian this week, due to the SOCAN survey - we want our home team to get their 25 cents!

Tabernacos Surfers, Hot Rod
The Brains, Train
The Backstabbers, Deep, Dark and Dangerous
Lori Yates, You and Me, Maria,
Dirty Maria, No Sufras
The Creepshow, Demon Lover
The Weirdies, Bad Chemicals
D.O.A., Loser's Club
Afrodizz, Killing Floor
D.B. Buxton Revue, Now That I am Free
Run with the Kittens, Joyland Beach
Atomic 7, Sexy Action Cool
Punjabi by Nature, Jump for Joy
Rebel Rhythm, Return of El Watusi
Juke Joint, Pluck the Gut
Victor Bateman Trio, German Sheppard Blues

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