Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 23, 2011

Vanessa Rodriguez, Funky Pickle
Urban Surf Kings, Phantom Riders of the Backlot,
Laundromats, Stop, Drop, Fluff & Fold
D.O.A., Beer Liberation Army
Hank Wiliams III, Gettin' Drunk & Fallin' Down
Dunkelbunt w/Wacha Clan, Balkan Ooulu
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, Season of the Witch
The Scarletts, Stampede
Ray Harris, Come on Little Mama
The Avenues, Something Illegal
The Dolly Rocker Movement, Born with Gills
Ozomatli, Gallina
The Latin Brothers, Patrona De Los Reclusos

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 9, 2011

El Caminos, Exotic
Firkin, Drunken Sailor Song
Run With The Kittens, Kakazoo
God Made Me Funky, God Made Me Funky

set by DJ Rockin' Dave

Imelda May, Johnny Got A Boom Boom
Atomic 7, Day of the Deadbeats
Atomic 7, Man with the Golden Card
Atomic 7, Her Sassy Kiss
Matt Allen, Little Redhead
The Paladins, Milkshake Madness
The Bopcats, Rockabilly Baby
Royal Crowns, Blue, Blue Heart
Ronnie Hayward, Ninety-Nine
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Rock and Roll Heart
The Greasemarks, Pepperhot Baby
Buzz Deluxe, Gold on White
Christian D & the Hangovers, Mr. Handsome

Saffron Sect, All Leads Back to You
Bombolesse, Nessa Cidade

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 9, 2011

Brian Setzer, Dirty Boogie
George Westerholm, Dr Gruesome's Wellness Centre
The Lorrainas, Recitfied
Eugene Ripper, Perfect Day in Hollywood
KC Roberts & the Live Revolution, Let's Get Out of Here
Dub Monkey, Latin Breaks
Waitiki 7, Similau
Manipulators, Minor League Fame
Grupo Fantasmo, Realizando
Triodes, Dap Walk
Bad Religion, Faith Alone
The Brains, Spaghetti Western
Rumble Devils, Hell Yeah
Booby Traps, Bad Reaction
Irakere, Bacalao con Pan

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 2, 2011

Tijuana Bibles, Wheelchair Werewolf
King Khan & the Shrines, Welfare Bread
Spacecraft 7, Grand Prix
D.O.A., Blindman
Fathead, Blues Weather
Mahala Rai Banda, Na Janes
Pacha Massive, Your Love
Jim Byrnes, Be Ready When He Comes
The Modelos, Down the Same Road
The Divorcees, Born Ready
Hellbound Hepcats, Onion Song
The Ton-ups, Rock n Roll Stooge
The Burnin' Sands, Typhoon
The Tonics, Mindbender
Pacha Massive, Don't Let Go