Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 26, 2007

HURRAY, Agent Orange are coming to town!!!! So-Cal punk heroes of the 80s still kick ass, I saw them some years ago at the (old) Elmo and it was sublime, in an ear-piercing kind of way. I will be playing their CDs in shows to come and will probably have to be sedated as their live date approaches, I'm that excited. October 23, Lees Palace - be there!

Thanks so much to David Dacks from the Abstract Index for filling in for me on September 18, while I put the finishing touches on the course I started teaching the next day (why do anything in advance that you can do at the last minute is my motto...)

The Sept. 26 Catwoman Radio was All Canadian, in honour of the SOCAN survey - we want our boyz and grrlz to get their .75 cents in license fees, don't we!!!

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

Plan C_Volare_Issi_Volare*
Hot Tamales_Hot Tamales_independent_The Devil in U*
Royal Crowns_After Dark_independent_Big Green Bop*
Random Killing_Thoughts of Aggression_Raw Energy_Eddy*
Foggy Hogtown Boys_Northern White Clouds_independent_When One Love Is Over*
Carlos del Junco_Up and At 'Em_Big Reed_11 Songo Blues*
Eugene Ripper_Fast Folk Underground_ independent_Pete Black's Only Son*
Mr Something Something_Small World Music Fall Festival Compilation_Deep Sleep*
Juke Joint_Choose to Groove_Zoot Suit_Hard*
Bruiser Brody_Blade Hard_ independent_Master of the Universe*
Huevos Rancheros_Get Outta Dodge_Mint_Instate Death Toll*
G Men_Up the Dose_October 32nd_Riot at the Hyatt*
The Sleepers_All Skanadian Club_Stomp_Hatchett Man*
Urban Surf Kings_Instrumental_Cinnamon Toast_Tango El Rollo*

Catwoman Radio Playlist, Sept. 12, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

Eccodek_More Africa In Us_independent_Calling the Rain*
Treasa Levasseur_Not a Straight Line_Slim Chicken_One*
Big Sandy & the FlyRite Boys_Swinging West_HighTone_Why Do You Have To Torture Me
Astrobillys_Zombie Night in Canada_Stomp_Jungle Fever*
Karsh Kale_Realise_Six Degrees_Empty Hands
Skatalites_From Paris with Love_Melodie_River to the Bank
Atomic 7_Gowns by Edith Head_Eleganza_She's Got Haggar Party Slacks*
Quantic_Mofongo Para El Alma_Quantic_Besse Me
El Caminos_Reverb Explosion_DelFi_Shock Wave
The Cramps_Flame Job_Medicine_Sado County Auto Show
3Tards_Crystal Balls_Wounded Paw_Girl Drink Drunk*
Paul Reddick_Revue_Northern Blues_Sidemen Boogie*
Dan Whiteley_Highway Home_independent_Train Full of Tears*
The Evaporators_United Empire Loyalists_Narduar the Human Serviette_It's My Pride*
Austin Lounge Lizards_20 Years of Stony Plain_Stony Plain_The Car Hank Died In

Wow, there are some great shows coming up!

Eccodek and CIUT's own dj medicineman plus more at Revival, Sept 14
The Noisettes, Sept 19, Lees Palace,
Plan C, Lula Lounge, Sept 21,
Mr Something Something, Oct 4, Lula Lounge,
Oliver Mtukudzi, Oct 5, Healeys,
Gogol Bordello, Oct 9, The Opera House
The Raveonettes, Oct 14, Lees Palace,
Sharon Jones, Nov 13, Lees Palace,

Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 5, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

The Kingpins_All Skanadian Club_Stomp_Spy vs Spy*
The Holmes Brothers_LottoLand_Stony Plain_I See You
Nathan & the Zydeco_Zydeco Essentials_Rounder_Let's Go
The Smugglers_Mutiny in Stereo_Mint_Get Up Syndrome*
JP5_JP5_Sudden Death_Chew the Bait*
The Raveonettes_Whip It On_Crunchy Frog_Cops on the Tail
Nebula_Let It Burn_Relapse_Down the Highway
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes_Are a Drag_Fat Wreckords_Tomorrow
Plan C_Volar_Issi_El Vaquero*
Red Elvises_Let Me See You Bellydance_Shooba Doobah_Let Me See You Bellydance
Bebop Cowboys_Some Kind of Fantasy_independent_Cadillac Boogie*
Bluegrass Diamonds_After All These Years_independent_Mother's Not Dead*
Soel_Memento_Warner_Le Victomte
Colin James_Colin James & the Little Big Band_Virgin_Cadillac Baby*
3 Mustaphas 3_Play Musty For Me_Omnium_Speed the Tractor
Karsh Kale_Realize_6 Degrees_Empty House

Catwoman Radio Playlist, Aug. 29, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

Galactic_From the Corner to the Block_Anti_From the Corner to the Block
The Mahones_Take No Prisoners_Stumble_Take No Prisoners*
Mike Ness_Cheating at Solitaire_Time Bombing_Don't Think Twice
High Dials_Rainbow Quartz Sampler_Rainbow Quartz_My Heart is Black*
The Shimmys_Drive You Wild_Off the Hip_Too Many Boys
The Big Bad_Middle of the Night_independent_Middle of the Night*
Creepshow_Zombie Night in Canada II_Stumble_Shake*
Downchild Blues Band_Case of the Blues_Attic_I Got Everything I Need (Almost)*
Bad Religion_Recipe for Hate_Altantic_American Jesus
Pink Martini_Hey Eugene_Heinz_Tempo Perdido
Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan_Dub Qawwali_Six Degrees_Tera Jana Kere Rang Lawe
The Sadies_Favourite Colours_Outside_1000 Cities Falling*
Pacha Massive_All Good Things_Nacional_Get In On
Social Distortion_White Light White Heat White Trash_Epic_Dear Lover

Catwoman Radio, Aug. 22, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

Vampire Beach Babes_Beach Blanket Bedlam_independent_Spank That Thang!*
Danko Jones_Born A Lion_Universal_Lovercall*
Big John Bates_Zombie Night in Canada_Stumble_Crankenstein*
James Hand_The Truth Will Set You Free_Rounder_I've Got a Lot of Hiding Left To Do
Rachid Taha_Global Rhythm_Global Rhythm_Rock el Casbah
Cool Wise Men_Faith_Galactic_Lion Dance
The Damned_Not of this Earth_Cleopatra_Testify
Dick Dale_Calling Up Spirits_Beggars Banquest_Catamount
The Backstabbers_Deep, Dark and Dangerous, independent_If I Were You Instead of Me*
The Demics_New York City_OPM_You Tell Me
Jazz Pharmacy_Amnesia_Sinistresound_Santa Fe*
Souljazz Orchestra_Freedom No Go Die_independent_Freedom No Go Die*
The Tiki Tones_Delphonic Sounds Today_Delfi_The Slauson Shuffle
Mamborama_Rough Guide to Latin Jazz_World Music Network_Es Solo Musica