Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 22, 2010

The Singles, I'm in Love with You
The Sadies, Idle Tomorrow's
G-Men, Movement in the Tree Line
Christopher Dignan, My Time Will Come
Bajofondo Tango Club, Hoy
Fort Knox Five, Shift
The Impacts, Ft. Lauderdale
Buzz Deluxe, Velvet Eyes
Antibalas, War Hero
Novalima, Liberta

Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 15, 2010

Badmarsh & Shri, Signs
Balkan Beatbox, Look Them Act
Benitez and Nebula, Mariposa
Von Drats, Malaguena
Meaghan Blanchard, Knockin' on a Deadman's Door
New Country Rehab, Houses In This Town
Smokin' 45s, Another Man
Broadcast Zero, Demons
Urban Preacher, Kidi Vidi Village
Jodesha & Star Rider, The Answer
The Rizdales, Little Treasure
The Eradicators, Friend & Enemies
Bad Religion, Meeting of the Minds
The Peacocks, Hero
Royal Purple, I Was Alone
Dirty Maria, Ven

Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 8, 2010

The Divorcees, Born Ready
Christopher Dignan, Gotta Move
Aqua Velvets, Surf Nouveau
Moses Mayes, Second Ring
Dolly Rocker Movement, Falling Home Again
Tommy T, Brothers
The Millwinders, Each Day
The Millwinders, High Heeled Hotrod
Royal Crowns, Maybe
Real Gone, Sexual Disconnexual
Alistair Christl, Catfight
Handsome Ned, Ain't No Room for Cheating
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Teenage Boogie
Flying Bordellos, Surf Rider

Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 1, 2010

Dunkelbundt, After the Rain
Budos Band, Mark of the Unnamed
Big John Bates, Devil May Care
Dee Dee Ramone. Bad Horoscope
The Sadies, Postcards
Eugene Ripper, Another Perfect Day in Hollywood
Raygun Cowboys, Curse of the Django
Jinny Oops, No More Candy
Grupo Fantasma, La Conozco
K.C. Roberts & The Live Revolution, Dancefloor
The Brains, Apres Cette Nuit
The Weirdies, Bad Chemicals
Telekrimen, Hermanos Muerte
Okamotos, Beek
Rebel Rhythm, Sonrisas

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 24, 2010

The Chickens, Super Bee
Tijuana Bibles, Gorilla Stomp
Chacalon y la Nueva Crema, A Trabajar
Christopher Dignan, Move Them Bones
The Creepshow, Last Chance
Scythia, The Black Death
Overnight Laws, City of Rotten Eyes
Royal Crowns, 32 Miles from Memphis
Five Alarm Funk, Hot Funk Sunday
High Dials, Mysterio

Thanks & Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 27, 2010

A great big PURR to everyone who showed their support for CIUT's Cat in a Cage (um, that would be me!) during the Fall Friends of 89.5 Membership Drive:

Christian from Dementia 13
Louis H.
Eric B.
Rich from Speedking Records
Aaron Z.
Fiona G.
Steve B.
Greg L.
Reno R.
Darcy the Funky Diva
David L.
Bev from Speak Music & Hotcha!
Mircea O.
David K.
Chris B.
Moe L.

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 27, 2010

Colin James & the Little Big Band, Surely
Ronnie Hayward & the Five Star Homeless, Crazy Fool
Urban Surf Kings, Big Surf at Black Point
Best Coast, Boyfriend
Freeman Dre, Hank
The Purrs, Sister
Aquavelvets, Surf Nouveau
Last Vegas, You Want to Know How to Love Me
Broadcast Zero, Demons
Gran Laposky, Mumbo Jumbo
The Beauties, Devil Do
Rosie Flores, This Cat's in the Doghouse
Creepshow, Someday
Silvestre Montez y sus Guantanameros, Las Guitarras Tropicales

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 13, 2010

Huevos Rancheros, What a Way to Run a Railroad
The What Notes, I Ain't Dead Yet
Southern Culture on the Skids, Meximelt
Budos Band, Nature's Wrath
Afrodizz, Bombe
Catl, Workin' Man's Soul
Teenage Head, Top Down
Mad Sin, Kicked Down Low, Get Back Up
Brian Sezter, Dirty Boogie
Gogol Bordello, Heiliganjetta
Babalao Stereoclub, Ay Catirya

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 6, 2010

Rowdymen, Johnny Rumble
Rowdymen, Too Little Too Late
Rowdymen, Woke Up
El Caminos, Exotic
Eric Burdon & War, Paint It Black Medley
Son of Dave, Voodoo Doll
Bomborras, Land of the One Percenters
Pointed Sticks, She's Not Alone Anymore
Marvelous Beauhunks, Kickin' Around
The Pinecones, I Am a Mountain
Jayme Sonte, Krasavaska Ruchenits
Red Elvises, Wanna See You Bellydance
Souljazz Orchestra, Parasite

Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 29, 2010

Balkan Beatbox, Dancing with the Moon
King Khan & the Shrines, Outta Harm's Way
Evil Farm Children, Hangover
Matchless, Selfish Thoughts
Son of Dave, Broke Down Lincoln
Dave Rave, You're Going to London
Black Angels, Phosphene Dream
The Stanfields, Ship to Shore
The Rizdales, Hart to Find a Husband
High Noon, Don't Have A Heart to Break
The Peacocks, Time Machine
Streetdogs, Rattle & roll
The Articles, Well, You Needn't
Orgone, The Score

Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 22, 2010

Run with the Kittens, Live Forever
The Noisettes, Saturday Night
The Sideman, Seven Angels
The Breakmen, When You Leave Town
Mahala Rai Banada, Am Pecat de Jos
Dunketbundt, Balkan Ooulu
Hoven Droven, Sludge Bear
Dick Dale, Doom Box
The Guresomes, Dave In
Pink Fits, George Allen
The Matadors, Buzzin'
Warner Mack, Rpc A Chick
Dustin Bentall, Take the Money and Run
High Dials, These Days Mean Nothing to Me
Polaris, Euro Star
Ray Barretto, Teacher of Love

Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 15, 2010

Max Pashm, The Tongue
KC Roberts, Far Away
Mad Sin, Last Gang Standing
The Sadies, Another Year Again
Royal Crowns, Greasy Corpse
Royal Crowns, Maybe
Swinging Blackjacks, L'il Red
The DingDongs, Ding Dong Party
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Rock n Roll Heart
Ronnie Hayward, Don't Tell Me What
Handsome Ned, Rockabilly Girls
Sunbear, Living Dead
Grupo Fantasma, Juan Tenorio

Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 8, 2010

Mike Ness, Misery Loves Company
Tijuana Bibles, We're Gonna Tangle
Thee Manipulators, Keep Your Boots On, Baby!
The Existers, Responsible Man
Dunkelbundt, Mia Kwa Mia
Black Angels, Phosphene Dream
Fauna, El 04
Grass Widow, Fried Egg
Marvelous Beauhunks, Pictures and Tears
Von Drats, Los Tigres del Norte
The Peacocks, Time Machine
Ska P, Welcome to Hell

Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 25, 2010

King Chango, Full Time Business
The Brains, We Gotta Go
Balkan Beatbox, Move It
Pacifica, Mas y Mas
The Beauties, Die Die Die
Pigrims of Brock, Converbian
Dex Romweber Duo, Camelia's Gone (Let it Snow)
Jerome Godboo, Get on Your Bike
Bella Clava, So Simple
Jinny Oops, [title in Japanese!]
The Eradicators, Love or MOney
Wayne Hancock, Goin' Home Blues
The Soul Searchers, Blow Your Whistle
Wganda Kenya, La Trompeta Loca

Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 18, 2010

Burnin' Sands, Big Boss
Five Alarm Funk, UK47
Bossacucanova, Telefone
The Pinecones, Sage
Les Secretaires Volantes, Planete Basseville
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Avenue Blue
Dolly Rocker Movement, Born with Gills
Heelwalkers, Open Season
Big John Bates, Mistiki
Souljazz Orchestra, Rejoice
Vanessa Rodriguez, Ode to Monsanto
Christian D & the Hangovers, Child of the East Coast
Baskery, Why Don't Ya
Johnny Edson, A Man's Gotta Eat
Kindy, Mas (Toy Selectah Remix)

Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 4, 2010

Ruder Than You, Praise Havoc
Rumble Devils, Fly Road
The Rizdales, One Year Down
Gemma Ray, Rosemary's Baby vs Drunken Butterfly
Alice Russell, All Alone
Luau or Die, A Narrow Escape
Sunbear, Living Dead
Bushpilots, Rock n Roll Radio
Max Pashm, Once Upon a Time in Hellas
Groove Collective, Nerd
Big Sandy, Her Hair is a Mess
The Threat, Not the Only One
The Rubies, Time for Countdown
JuanaFe, Callejero

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 28, 2010

Five Alarm Funk, Zenith Escalator
Man Sin, Wreckhouse Stomp
The Wilders, Wild Old Navy
The Sojourners, Nobody Can Turn Me Around
Novalima, Concheperla
Wassabi Collective, The Feelin'
The Hellbound Hepcats, Pyronecrophiliac
Asian Dub Foundation, Real Great Britain
The Evaporators, Vampire Blues
Bocky & the Visions, I'll Go Crazy
Lou Milet, Shorty the Barber
The Aquaholics, Super Bee!
The Wives, Fresh Blood
Los Drags, Damelo Me Nena
Robot Zonda, Somatico

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 21, 2010

George Westerholm, Time Travel Agency
Undertakin' Daddies, Ol' 67
Reverend Horton Heat, Pride of San Jacinto
Starsysteme, Barricade Mental
Princesa, Con La Misma Moneda
ZRays, Number Nine
Psychotropical Orchestra, Ya Me Voy
Grassy Knoll, Down in the Happy Zone
The Emeralds, Shimokita Dream
Heavy Trash, This Day Is Mine
Carolyn Mark, Inevitable
Eastern Standard Time, Terror Madness
Grupo Los Yoyi, El Fino
background music from the 3rd Annual Great Lakes Surf Battle Compilation

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 14, 2010

Grupe Fantasma, Cumbianchera
Yuka, Jumbotron
The Stems, Spaceship
The Real McKenzies, Thistle Boy
The Brains, We'll Rise
Broken Bricks, Evil Sister
Big Rude Jake, Your Heart Belongs to You
Blue Shadows, Give Give Givin'
Jinny Ooops, Minx
Mikabomb, Sweet Peach
Atomic 7, Loving Not Gouging
The Divorcees, Born Ready
The Sadies, Idle Tomorrows
Fauna, El Gauchito Gil

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 7, 2010

Departures, Someplace
The Sorrys, Articulate
Orgone, The Last Fool
Los Mocosos, Bandolera Era
Mondomo, How Many Times
Sleepy LeBeef, Honky Tonk Times
Baskery, On a Day Like This
Catl, Goin' Home
Pointed Sticks, Leave Me Alone
The Existers, I Don't Wanna Talk About It
Grupo Fantasma, Gimme Some
Watcha Clan, Batran Ooulu
Goran Bregovic, Jeremija
PapaGroove, Safaria

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 30, 2010

Von Drats, Dratsylvania
The Sheepdogs, Learn & Burn
Chino Y Los Co-Chinos, Shangai Swing
Los Gatos Negros, Hey Bunny Bunny
Bombolesse, Not Cumbia Anymore
The Vanishers, Pedal on The Right
Trevolt, Kan Inte Se Dig
Video Dead, Meximo
The Gruesomes, No No No No
State of Bengal, Elephant Ride
David Starfire, Cobra (Sub Swara Remix)
Rebel Rhythm, Space Coke
Vanessa Rodrigues, Funky Pickle
Friends of Dean Martinez, Cabeza de Mojado
Grupo Socavon, Homenaje a Justino

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 24, 2010

Dakoda Motor Co, Falling Down
Bomborras, Hide and Run
Phonocomb, Sparkling Agenda
Aquavelvets, Mexican Rooftop Afternoon
Firewater, Borneo
Big John Bates, Devil May Care
Gutter Demons, Day of the Dead
Aquavelvets, Martini Time
Hey Stella, Last Thing On My Mind
Canteen Knockout, My Head's On Fire
Hoodoo Gurus, The Right Time
Teenage Head, Ain't Got No Sense
The Latin Brothers, Patrona De Los Reclusos

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 16, 2010

The Gruesomes, Cave-In
Balkan Beat Box, Blue_Eyed Black Boy
The Raveonettes, Bang
Electric Six, Down at McDonnelzzz
The Singles, I'm In Love With You

Set by guest selectah DJ Rockin' Dave Faris
Buzz Deluxe, Zen
Royal Crowns, Ain't No Reason
Tennessee Voodoo Couple, Rock & Roll Heart
Ronnie Hayward, Whiskey Flavoured Kisses
Sleepy LeBeef, Gotta Travel On
Exene Cervenka, Wild Thing
Dex Romweber Duo, Lonesome Train
The Sadies, Cut Corners
Poppy Seed & the Love Explosion, What Trip Are You On
background music courtesy of the Aqua Velvets

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 9, 2010

Dustin Bentall, Railroad
Urban Surf Kings, Phantom Riders of the Backlot
Agriculture Club, I Steal for You
Maow, Rebecca Lash
Grupo Fantasma, Soltera
Santerias, Cosas Materialis
Atomic 7, Artistry in Nachos
Medieval Pundits, Air
Luau or Die, Launch Code
Jackie Lee Cochrane, Mama Don't You Think I Know
The Emeralds, Love is Rolling
Rancid, Up to No Good
Hedzoleh, Mee Bee
background music by The Dexters

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 2, 2010

Vektor, Head in a Bottle
Dirty Bottom, Waking Hour
Dehli to Dublin, The Answer
The Sojourners, The Neighbourhood
Pointed Sticks, Scrambled Eggs
Groovie Ghoulies, Running with Bigfoot
Reverend Horton Heat, Please Don't Take the Baby to the Liquor Store
McKinley Mitchell, Rock Everybody Rock
The Sheep, Hide and Seek
The Laundronauts, Hide & Seek
Luau or Die, Surfin' Assassin
Treble Kings, Drunk on Colt 45
Hissy Fit, Hailey
Antibalas, I.C.E.

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 26, 2010

Kent McAlister & the Iron Curtain, Crossing Arm Blues
Lickin' Good Fried, Red-Headed Woman in a Dark Corvette
The Sadies, Cut Corners
Minto, New Bones
Thee Manipulators, Shake Your Death Rattle
Fathead, Train Kept A Rollin'
Brian Blain, Overqualified for the Blues
Honolulu Playboys, Life's a Deadly Kiss
The SinTones, Rockabilly Rebels
Dunkelbundt, Cinnamon Girl
Hanson Brothers, Third Man In
The Booby Traps, Dig Your Attitude
King Khan & his Shrines, Land of the Freak
Orishas, A La Cubano
Ray Barretto, Get Together

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 19, 2010

Yuka, Dirty Bird
Big John Bates, Fill Your Tank
Ball & Chain, Honky Tonk Blues
Smokin' 45s, Walkin' After Midnight

tracks picked by guest selectah Big Rude Jake

Mellowtones, Flying Saucers
George Lewis Ragtime Orchestra, Just a Little Closer Work with Thee
Big Rude Jake, Preacher's Got a Brother
Little Willie John, I'm Shakin'
Tex Ritter, Hot Rod Lincoln
Big Rude Jake, Swing Baby
Cab Calloway, Reefer Man
Big Rude Jake, Walkin' in Quicksand

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 12, 2010

Sisters Euclid, Jesus the Kid
Random Killing, Powerplay
Tijuana Bibles, Red Alert
Thee Wylde Oscars, Yeah Right!
Run with the Kittens, Little Farm
Plan C, Universo
Weber Brothers, It Ain't Hard to be Kind
Machito, Tanga!
Shakura S'Aida, Sweet Spot
Papagroove, Papagroove
Vanessa Rodriques, Chompy

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 5, 2010

El Caminos, Exotic
Ray Barretto, Teacher of Love
The Noisettes, Wild Young Hearts
Baskery, Here to Pay My Dues
Doug Kershaw, You Don't Want My Love
Outbred Inlaws, Sweet Country Girls
Max Pashm, Klezmernaki
Laika & the Cosmonauts, Man from HUAC
Video Dead, Cry Me a River Cuomo
Babalao Stereo Club, Sacudete
Chicago Afrobeat Project, Crunch
Raygun Cowboys, Dead End Girl
Ginger St James, Lonely Cryin' Blues
Danko Jones, My Love is Bold
Man or Astroman, Bermuda Triangle Shorts
Charlie Palomares y su Yuboney, Vives Boogaloo

Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 28, 2010

Royal Fingers, Go Royal Fingers Go
Souljazz Orchestra, Agbara
Nappy Riddem, Rastar
Ruder Than You, Yo Ho Down
Jinny Oops!, Ho!
Jacques & The Shakey Boys, I Ain't Always Lived
Royal Crowns, Goonie Bird
Laundronauts, Stain
The Raveonettes, Heart of Stone
The Sadies, What's Left Behind
Wayne Hancock, No Sleep Blues
Kinky, Coqueta
Rodrigo y Gabriela, 11:11
background music by The Aquavelvets

Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 21, 2010

Run with the Kittens, Live Forever
Justin Curtis & Sally Jo, Nothing Lasts Forever
Eugene Ripper, Punks & Pushers
The Okamotos, The "M" Song
Jeff Stott, Sona
The Weirdies, We Are The Weirdies
Heavy Trash, Walking Bum
Caballo, La Mission
Turntables on the Hudson, Lumbia Infernia
Five Alarm Funk, Ain't No One Man,
Gary Kendall Band, When You Tell Me
Raised by Apes, Calico
El Caminos, Hornet's Nest

These People Rock!!!

More people to thank for pledging to Catwoman Radio - DJ Rockin' Dave Faris, Antal G, Rocky & Deena from Real Cool Time, Christian from Dementia 13 and Ian B. Purrrs all round!

Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 14, 2010

Luke Doucet, The Lovecats
Paul Reddick, Five Silvers Dollars
Saffron Sect, Phosphorous Flash
Brian Blain, Terrace Inn
Punjabi by Nature, Dance with PBN
Moses Mays, Being
Plastic Bertrand, Bambino
G-Men, Jane
The Evaporators, Maneater
United Steelworkers of Montreal, Tracie Dean
Psychotropical Orchestra, Antes de Morir
Vanessa Rodriques, What's in This
The Mants, Brass Knuckle Sandwhich
Catl, Cards

Fundraising Thanks & April 7 Playlist

Thanks to everyone who supported Catwoman Radio during our membership drive show: Speedking Records, Louis H., Ryan S., Doug R., Johnny LaRue, Deejay Darcy, Secret Agent Topkat, Amir S., Brian Blain, Reno G., Chris L., y la Familia Isherwood en Thunder Bay! You rock!!! Purrrrrs, Catwoman

Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 7, 2010

Mostly talking today - membership drive show!

Royal Crowns, Give It To You,
Lito Barrientos Y su Orquesta, Cumbia En Do Minor
Forbidden Dimension, My Family Curse
Bad Religion, American Jesus
King Khan, Got the Itch

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 31, 2010

Pointed Sticks, Wireless
Flying Bulgers, Folksong
Vanessa Rodriques, Funky Pickle
The Kingmakers, Ice Cold Rockabilly
Nine Mile, Food for Thought
The Jimmy C, Just a Fool
People Project, A Quest for Something More
Nine Mile, Wheels
Petroleum ByProduct, Ain't Got Money
Mass Assembly, Tranquilizer
Big John Bates, Hotrod Blues
The Charles, Motorcycle
Jinny Oops, Track 1 [title is in Japanese script!]
The Deadcats, Rocket to the Moon

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 24, 2010

Senor Coconut, Usti, Usti Baba
The Treblemakers, Exploding Bikers from Hochelaga
Bill Kirchen, Hotrod Lincoln
Pure Finesse, Hold Your Peace
Amour, Larry's Hideaway
Robot Zonda, Somatico
The Pinecones, M'Marigold
The Real McKenzies, Stone of Kings
Wganda Kenya, Tifit Hayed
The Phibes, Walking Back the Cat
The Screwed, Born to Lose

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 17, 2010

Budos Band, King Cobra
Tony Allen, Asiko
Rebel Rhythm, Antillano

[sets by guest selectah Rockin' Dave Faris]
Imelda Mae, Wild About My Lovin'
Tennesee Voodoo Coupe, Trans American
Burnin' Ethyl, #13
Real Gone, Sweet Talk
Buzz Deluxe, Gold or White
Royal Crowns, Maybe
Wanda Jackson, Funnel of Love
Shakin' Pyramids, Take a Trip

The Brains, Train (Keeps Rollin On)

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 10, 2010

The Divorcees, Born Ready
Royal Crowns, Ain't No Reason
Laika & the Cosmonauts, The Avengers
The Gruesomes, Don't Waste My Time
Devil's Hotrod, Boppin Cat
Five Alarm Funk, Gabe's Revenge
Grupo Fantasma, El Sabio Soy
Champion, Resistance
Dehli to Dublin, Stage 5 (Tej Gill Divine Stage Remix)
Ric Cartey, Scratching on My Screen
Les Breastfeeders, Funny Funiculaire
Minto, Some People Gotta Learn

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 3, 2010

Fathead, Harp Sauce
Big John Bates, Pawnshop Halo
The Existers, Telex Love
The Modds, Leave My House
Souljazz Orchestra, Mamaya
New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, Viennese Freilach
Fort Knox Five, What Make Ya Dance
Big Rude Jake, Moses Heard the Calling
The Flesh, Last Breath
Ruder Than You, Praise Havoc
Dolly Rocker Movement, Go Go Getter
Los Shains, Guau Guau a Go Go,
Dale Watson, Truckin' Man
Big Sandy, Have Love, Will Travel
The Sojourners, Great Day

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 24, 2010

The Smugglers, To Serve, Protect and Entertain
Elvis Bossanova, I'm All Shook Up
Minto, Bird's Eye View
The Deadcats, Killer Bee
Cubanito, Por Un Milagro
Tommy T, Brothers
The Sojourners, He Calls That Religion
Evil Farm Children, Cone of Silence
KC Roberts, Get Your Ass On Up
Rudy Greene, Juicy Fruit
Rosie Flores, Crazy Mixed Up Emotions
Lickin' Good Fried, Don't Get Me Started

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 10, 2010

Margaret Stowe, B Sharp in B Flat
Eddie Palmieri, My Spiritual Indian
Wendell Ferguson, Barnyard 2 Step
Brian Blain, Overqualified for the Blues
D.O.A., Donnybrook
The Purrs, Sister
Polaris, Psychotic Rocket
Nortec Collective, Nortena del Sur
Tennessee Voodoo Couple, Avenue Blue
Wayne Hancock, Jump the Blues
Budos Band, Up from the South
background music courtesy of the Honolulu Playboys

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 3, 2010

Galactic, Heart of Steel (w/Irma Thomas)
Rebel Rhythm, Nuestra Musica
Big John Bates, Rattle On
Rancid, Skull City
The Breakdown, Cold Nights
Heavy Trash, That Ain't Right
The Stems, No Heart
High Dials, Cartoon Break Up
Neko Case, Red Tide
Smokin' 45s, Another Man
The Noisettes, Never Forget You
Red Elvises, Groovie
The Imps, That's Got It
The Aqua Velvets, Green Sunshine

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 27, 2010

Agent Orange, Unsafe at Any Speed
JP5, Heartache Ashtray
Royal Crowns, Misery Train
Fort Knox 5, Funk 4 Peace
Pavlov's Dog Orchestra, Bad Weather
Psychotropical Orchestra, Ya Me Voy
Man or Astroman?, Joker Is Wild
Bikini Kill, New Radio
Novalima, Tumbala
Merry Widows, All of Them Witches
Ruder Than You, Creation Sounds
Telepathic Butterflies, Four Leaf Clover
Polaris, Scene King
Foggy Hogtown Boys, Lonesome Scenes of Winter
Beady Belle, Lose and Win (Watch TV Remix)

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 20, 2010

Los Mocosos, Bandolera Era (Reggaeton Remix)
Rumble Devils, Fly Road
The Sin-Tones, Knot of Wood
Jacques & the Shakey Boys, I Ain't Always Lived This Way
Ensemble Polaris, Dalmarschen
Elvis Bossanova, Ito Eats
Sharon Jones, I'm Not Gonna Cry
Michi Sarmiento y sus Bravos, Mirame San Miguel
The Calrizians, Call Me Evil
Leather Uppers, Scream if You're High
Lickin' Good Fried, You're Running Wild
The Bushpilots, Seven Ways to Broadway
Log Drags, Damelo Mi Neni
Steve Hill & the Majestiks, Jumped Up Blues
background music courtesy of The Dexters

Some cool upcoming shows:

Jan 15, Catl Vinyl/CD launch, w/guests John Borra & Sam Ferrara, Anagram at the Silver Dollar
Jan 18, Maple Blues Awards at Koerner Hall
Jan 22, Surf and Turf 2, featuring Tennesee Voodoo Couple, The Calzirians and DJ Surfin Dave

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 13, 2010

Roberto Lopez, Que Pasa
King Khan and His Shrines, Fear & Love
Owl Farm, E.R.T.
The Gruesomes, El Diablo

Tunes choseen by Guest DJ Surfin' Dave Faris
Calzirians, Call Me Evil
Rev Organdrum, Moovin' n Groovin'
Atomic 7, Save Your Fork There's Pie
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Avenue Blue
Tennessee Vooddo Coupe, Hot Rod Racer
Howlin' Hound Dogs, Cat by the Tail
Stotz Bros, Rock n Roll Riot
Christian D and the Hangovers, Vampire Rocker
Catl, Workin' Man's Soul

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 6, 2010

Reverend Horton Heat, Please Don't Take the Baby to the Liquor Store
Plastic Bertrand, Bambino
Max Pashm, Fight in the Street
Mayra Caridad Valdes, Roforofo Fight
Catl, Goin' Home
James Hand, I've Got a Lot of Hiding Left to Do
The Matadors, Faith in Booze
Mr T Experience, Here She Comes
Huevos Rancheros, What a Way to Run a Railroad
Taraf de Haidouks, Cintec De Dragoste Si Joc
Tijuana Bibles, Enmascarado
Los Juniors, Tercera Piedra en el Sol
Babalao Stereo Club, Sacuetre
Medeski, Martin and Wood, Is There Anybody Here Love My Jesus