Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 25, 2011

Dunkelbundt, After the Rain
Da Lata, Serious
Bibi Tanga & The Selenites, Swing Swing
Electric Wire Hustle, Experience
The Brains, Train*
David Woll, Psychotic Love*
Sunbear, Living Dead*
Neko Case, This Tornado Loves You
Justin Rutledge, Jack of Diamonds*
Bad Religion, Stranger Than Fiction
Inepsy, R'nR Babylon*
Royal Crowns, Wine Drinkin' Woman*
Urban Surf Kings, Phantom Riders of the Backlot*
Fauna, El Gauchito Gil
* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 18, 2011

Huevos Rancheros, What A Way To Run A Railroad*
Susan Christie, Rainy Day
Los Kifers, El Sol Es Una Droga
Royal Purple, The Wind
Teenage Head, Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party*
Christian D & The Hangovers, Shimmy Shorts*
Dirty Maria, Santero*
Los Corraleros de Majagual, El Vampiro
Justin Curtis & Sally Jo, Zombie Blues*
Rembetika Hipsters, Snakes at the Euxine*
Five Alarm Funk, Demons Be Gone*
The Booby Traps, Make It
The Resonars, As A Matter of Fact
Los Van Van, Y No Lo Conviene

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 11, 2011

Huevos Rancheros, What a Way To Run A Railroad*
The Clash, London Calling
Mars and Venus, Shades of White*
Stratonero, 14gg
HonheeHonhee, A is for Animal*
Dennis Coffey, Don't Knock My Love
Souljazz Orchestra, Negus*
Carlos del Junco & the Blues Mongrels, The Crazy Bastard*
Paul Reddick, Six Was the Six*
The Day Coke Saved the Blues*
Royal Fingers, Hey Chance
Sasquatch Prom Date, Black Mary Tattoo*
Sasquatch Prom Date, Red Hot*
Sergent Garcia, Una y Otra Vez

Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 4, 2011

George Westerholm, Waking Up Without You*
The Rizdales, The Last Time You Put Me Down*
The Sojourners, Nobody Can Turn Me Around*
Dirty Bottom, Beep Beep*
Bruiser Brody, Master of the Universe*

Sets by Selectah DJ Rockin Dave Faris

Reverend Horton Heat, Like a Rocket
Buzz Deluxe, Zen*
The Tiger Sharks, Never Enough*
The Tiger Sharks, Straight from the Heart*
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Teenage Boogie*
Swingin' Blackjacks, I Love You So*
Ronnie Hayward, I Like You Best*
Three Blue Teardrops, Hard-boiled

Wganda Kenya, El Abanico
Souljazz Orchestra, Awakening
Princesa ft Rancho MC, Con La Misma Moneda