Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 29, 2008

Artist, Song (*=Canadian)

Royal Crowns, 32 Miles from Memphis*
Brian Blain, Overqualified for the Blues*
The Wilders, When the Levee's Gone
Heavy Trash, Crazy Pretty Things
Huevos Rancheros, SmartBomb*
The Drags, Iron Curtain Blues
Shuffle Demons, East Berlin Angst*
Benitez & Nebula, Eternal Paradise
Planet Smashers, Attack of the Planet Smashers*
The Weirdies, New Jeans*
Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band & The Spirits, One Fine Morning*
Susan Christie, Rainy Day
The Stems, Lon Chaney Junior's Daughter
Honolulu Playboys, Westbourne Park
The Outernationalists, Firewater

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 22, 2008

Title, Song (*=Canadian)

Run with the Kittens, Parkdale"
Slow Nerve Action, Puzzel Song*
Detroit Cobras, On a Monday
Bella Bombs, I'm Not Happy*
Foggy Hogtown Boys, Lily Hoskins*
El Dorado, Storage Room*
Hyperjax, Wildest Card
The Mohawks, Senior Thump
State of Bengal, Rama Communication
Zydepunks, Dor la Orilla del Mar
Dehli2Dublin, Supafunkadholic*
The Slackers, In Walked Capo
Downchild, Dew Drop Inn*

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 15, 2008

Artist, Song Title (*=Canadian)

The Smugglers, To Serve, Protect and Entertain*
Rude Boy, Rude Girl, Slow Dancin'*
Civet, Alibis
The Weirdies, Good Girl Gone Bad, Bad, Bad*
The Horrorpops, Psychobitches Outta Hell
Spam Allstars, Electrodomesticos
The Supertones, Torque Wrench
Firewater, This is My Life
Lori Yates, Fire + Gasoline*
Hard Ryde, Blue-eyed Boston Boy*
L'il Ed and the Blues Imperials, Housekeeping Job
Vancougar, Phonecalls*
Creep Outs, NYC
Moses Mayes, Elevate*
The Creepshow, Run For Your Life*

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 8, 2008

Artist, Song (*=Canadian)

The Pipettes, Your Kisses are Wasted on Me
The Weirdies, Knife Fight at the Planetarium*
King Khan, Shiver Down My Spine*
The Emeralds, Surfing Baby
Plan C, No Dejo de Tener*
Soul Searchers, We the People
The Perpetrators, I Saw You Leaving*
Hard Ryde, Deal the Cards*
Creepshow, Rue Morgue Radio*
Danko Jones, Soul on Ice*
The Noisettes, Don't Give Up
Hooverville, Another Sweet Dawn
Eccodek, Juju in These Strings*
James Hunter, Watch and Chain
Otros Aires, Otra Noche