Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 28, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

The Cynics_Here We Are_Get Hip_Coming Round My Way
The Merry Widows_Revenge Served Cold_Champagne and Cocaine_The Curse
Corb Lund_Horse Soldier!_Stony Plain_Lament for Lester Cousins*
David Wilcox_Boy in the Boat_Stony Plain_Catman*
Jose Conde Y do Fresca_Rough Guide to Latin Funk_World Music Network_Oshiri Pan Pan
Tea for the Voyage_[self titled]_independent_Dick Tracy*
Pine Tarts_[self titled]_independent_Aurora Borealis/Lit A Path*
The Evaporators_Gassy Jack & Other Tales_Mint_You Got Me Into This, Now Get Me Out*
6ixty 8ights_Pica Electric Armada_Black House_And I Walk*
Gogol Bordello_Multi Kontra Culti vs Irony_Rubric_When the Trickster Starts a' Pokin
The Weakerthans_Reunion Tour_Epitaph_Relative Surplus Value*
The Shovels_Devil's Music_Music for Cats_Driving Wheel*
Plan C_Volar_Issi_ No Dejo de Tener*
Lovemethod_If You Will_independent_Truth Better Talk*

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 21, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

Suba/Zero dB_Suba Tributo_Six Degrees_Samba do Gringo Paulista
The Matadors_Horrorbilly 9000_Stereo Dynamite_Demon Riders*
Starbuck et les impuissants_Montreal Localz_Arisen_Le noel des campeurs*
Echo Hunters_Cabin Fever_independent_Chester*
Caffe In_Look Directly Into the Sun_Bloodshot_Mario & Peaches
Bernie Early_Chaser for the Blues_Ram Records_Chaser for the Blues*
The Backstabbers_Deep, Dark & Dangerous_independent_You Showed Me*
Atomic 7_Gowns by Edith Head_Eleganza_Artistry in Nachos*
Les Breastfeeders_Les Matins de Grand Soirs_Blow the Fuse_Et D'Apprendai Que C'est L-hiver*
Galactic_Late for the Future_Capricorn_Black Eyed Pea
The Urge_Psych Ward_Off the Hip_It Ain't Right
The Perpetrators_Tow Truck_independent_You're Gonna Kill Me*
Sinkin' Ships_All Signs Are Wrong_Sink & Destroy/Wounded Paw_Bad Bad Bad*
The Demics_New York City_OPM_I Wanna Know
Free Oxygen Band_Funkosynthesis_independent_Soul Murmer

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 14, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

Run with the Kittens_Run with the Kittens_Live Forever*
The Sin Tones_Surf-O-Ghetti_Fading Ways_Final Frontier*
John Reischman_Stellar Jaybirds_Covus_I am the Man, Thomas*
Downchild_ Live at the Palais Royale_Linus_Going Dancing*
Detroit Cobras_Tied and True_Bloodshot_Leave My Kitten Alone
Pacha Massive_All Good Things_Nacional_Al Ritmo de Pacha'
Starvin' Hungry_Cold Burns_Signed by Force_Ghost Witness*
The Ruts_Punk Singles_Captain Oi_Lobotomy
The Stems_Terminal Cool_Get Hip_On & On
Heavy Trash_Going Way Out_Yep Roc_Kissy Baby
The Sadies_New Seasons_Outside_A Simple Aspiration*
Victor Bateman_Another Country_independent_In the Pines*
Naomi Davis_Funk for the 21st Century_Do Right_Forty-First Street Breakdown
Creepshow_Sell Your Soul_Stereo Dynamite_Sell Your Soul*
The Fallout_What is Past is Prologue_Red Menace_War Without End*
Dolly Rocker Movement_Electric Sunshine_independent_Sad Sally

Cats in Need of Help!

Okay, this time it's not about me. I volunteer with Annex Cat Rescue (my show name is NOT about any association with a certain caped crusade - instead we're talking four legged bundles of love!). We desparately need foster homes for cats and kittens that are living outside right now and will spend the winter there (and frankly some don't make it through) if we can't find places for them. Catwoman herself has no more room at the inn, so if anyone can take a cat or kitten even as a short term foster, you'd be saving a warm and furry life. Email me at catwoman at ciut dot fm and I'll hook you up with our Foster Coordinator.


Feline Friends came through for Catwoman's fundraising show and she won't be carted off to the pound afterall. Thanks also to CIUT alumnus and CFRB/The Fight Network host Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski, and the Lovely Laila Boulos for assisting on-air (yakking for an hour is hard!)

A zillion purrs to everyone who donated to CIUT and Catwoman Radio:

Richard/Speedking Records

Ian is the winner of the Catwoman prize pack. Next show, more music, less talk, that's promise!

Catwoman Radio Needs Your Help!

Catwoman needs your help! No, I'm not trying to find a home for a cat (although if yer lookin', I've got a beaut for ya!) This is fundraising week at CIUT 89.5 Fm and Catwoman has to get at least 10 people to support her show, or she'll be carted off to Toronto Animal Services – and we know what that means! Maybe cats do have 9 lives, but Catwoman's already used up a few, and if this year is anything to go by, she's gonna need the ones she has left.

"Gee, this sounds serious! How can I help save Catwoman from a fate almost worth than death? (namely, no more Catwoman Radio!) Where would we be without Catwoman's sparkling mix of surf, ska, punk, funk, soul, garage, rockabilly, bluegrass, country and world grooves every Wednesday at 5pm? In Hell (or listening to the CBC), that's where!"

You hold the key to preventing this terrible fate from happening. On Wednesday, November 7, friendly and ever-so-personable phone room volunteers (I haven’t met them yet but I bet they're just spiffy) will be sitting the edge of their chairs at CIUT from 5 to 6pm, just waiting to hear that you want Catwoman to stay on the airwaves, where's she's no danger to herself or others. 416-946-7800 is the number to call, or toll free 1 888 204 8976.

Or, simply go to and click on Donate Now to pledge online using our secure server. Don't forget to list Catwoman as the show you’d like to support – I don't want that gosh-darn Dogman getting any of my hard-earned pledges!

Thanks for reading and being nice to cats,



PS: Did I mention I'll be listing all my donors on this award-winning* web site?

* okay, I haven't really won any awards, but it has a ring to it, no?

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 31, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

Gutter Demons_Zombie Night in Canada Vol 2._Stumble_Day of the Dead*
Groovie Ghoulies_Re-Animation Festvail_Lookout_Graveyard Girlfriend
Hollywood Flames_Monster Rock 'n Roll Show_DCC_Frankenstein's Den
Swingin' Neckbreakers_Halloween Hootnany_Geffen_No Costume, No Candy
Dead Cats_ Zombie Night in Canada_Stumble_Crypt Zombie Hula*
Forbidden Dimension_Widow's Walk_Cargo_My Family Curse*
Tijuana Bibles_Fists of Fury_independent_Wheelchair Werewolf*
Howlin' Wolf_ Monster Rock 'n Roll Show_DCC_I Ain't Superstitious
Bomborras_ Halloween Hootnany_Geffen_Fistful of Terror
Billy de Marco_These Ghoulish Things_Ace_Drac's Back
The Matadors_ Zombie Night in Canada_Stumble_Evil Eye*
Southern Culture on the Skids_ Halloween Hootnany_Geffen_Werewolf
Johnny Fuller_ Monster Rock 'n Roll Show_DCC_The Mummy
Planet Smashers_Planet Smashers_Stomp_My Love is a Vampire*
The Verdicts_ These Ghoulish Things_Ace_Mummy's Ball
Dead Elvi_ Halloween Hootnany_Geffen_Creature Stole My Surfboard