Catwoman Radio Needs Your Help!

Catwoman needs your help! No, I'm not trying to find a home for a cat (although if yer lookin', I've got a beaut for ya!) This is fundraising week at CIUT 89.5 Fm and Catwoman has to get at least 10 people to support her show, or she'll be carted off to Toronto Animal Services – and we know what that means! Maybe cats do have 9 lives, but Catwoman's already used up a few, and if this year is anything to go by, she's gonna need the ones she has left.

"Gee, this sounds serious! How can I help save Catwoman from a fate almost worth than death? (namely, no more Catwoman Radio!) Where would we be without Catwoman's sparkling mix of surf, ska, punk, funk, soul, garage, rockabilly, bluegrass, country and world grooves every Wednesday at 5pm? In Hell (or listening to the CBC), that's where!"

You hold the key to preventing this terrible fate from happening. On Wednesday, November 7, friendly and ever-so-personable phone room volunteers (I haven’t met them yet but I bet they're just spiffy) will be sitting the edge of their chairs at CIUT from 5 to 6pm, just waiting to hear that you want Catwoman to stay on the airwaves, where's she's no danger to herself or others. 416-946-7800 is the number to call, or toll free 1 888 204 8976.

Or, simply go to and click on Donate Now to pledge online using our secure server. Don't forget to list Catwoman as the show you’d like to support – I don't want that gosh-darn Dogman getting any of my hard-earned pledges!

Thanks for reading and being nice to cats,



PS: Did I mention I'll be listing all my donors on this award-winning* web site?

* okay, I haven't really won any awards, but it has a ring to it, no?