Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 24, 2010

The Smugglers, To Serve, Protect and Entertain
Elvis Bossanova, I'm All Shook Up
Minto, Bird's Eye View
The Deadcats, Killer Bee
Cubanito, Por Un Milagro
Tommy T, Brothers
The Sojourners, He Calls That Religion
Evil Farm Children, Cone of Silence
KC Roberts, Get Your Ass On Up
Rudy Greene, Juicy Fruit
Rosie Flores, Crazy Mixed Up Emotions
Lickin' Good Fried, Don't Get Me Started

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 10, 2010

Margaret Stowe, B Sharp in B Flat
Eddie Palmieri, My Spiritual Indian
Wendell Ferguson, Barnyard 2 Step
Brian Blain, Overqualified for the Blues
D.O.A., Donnybrook
The Purrs, Sister
Polaris, Psychotic Rocket
Nortec Collective, Nortena del Sur
Tennessee Voodoo Couple, Avenue Blue
Wayne Hancock, Jump the Blues
Budos Band, Up from the South
background music courtesy of the Honolulu Playboys

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 3, 2010

Galactic, Heart of Steel (w/Irma Thomas)
Rebel Rhythm, Nuestra Musica
Big John Bates, Rattle On
Rancid, Skull City
The Breakdown, Cold Nights
Heavy Trash, That Ain't Right
The Stems, No Heart
High Dials, Cartoon Break Up
Neko Case, Red Tide
Smokin' 45s, Another Man
The Noisettes, Never Forget You
Red Elvises, Groovie
The Imps, That's Got It
The Aqua Velvets, Green Sunshine