Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 14, 2012

Royal Crowns, 32 Miles from Memphis*
Slim Mark and the Markeys, Is It Because I'm Black*
King Chango, Don't Drop Your Pants
Ruder Than You, Faith
Papa Groove, One Way Departure*
The Lorrainas, Rectified*
Run With The Kittens, Life Inside the Chocolate Box*
Les Breastfeeders, Le soleil se meurt a l'ouest*
D-Generation, Frankie
Speaking Tongues, Karma Blues*
Ramblin' Ambassadors, Pine Beetle Express*
Samantha Martin, Trucker's Daughter*
Freeman Dree and Kitchen Party, These Walls (they listen)*
Ronnie Hayward and his Quartet, Operator, Operator*
Tia Brazda, Too Crazy*
Rembetika Hipsters, Taxe*
Charlie Palomar y su Yuboney, Vives Boogaloo

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 28, 2012

Run With the Kittens, Weight of the World*
Chuck Last, Alpha Dog*
Guitar Mikey, Blues Attack*
Run With the Kittens, Sun Don't Ever Shine*
The Von Drats, Wild Weekend*
The Aquaholics, Superbee*
Agent Orange, Out of Limits
The Shakedown Combo, Pirate's Cove*
The Robots, Robot's Rock*
[mystery track on unlabeled CD played by mistake]
Beyond the Pale, Turkish Delight*
Huevos Rancheros, Trouble Brewing*
Justin Curtis & Sally Jo, Bye Bye Love*
Omar & The Springpoppers, My Baby Don't Breathe
Chuck Berry, Too Much Monkey Business
Lou Millet, Shorty the Barber
The Soul Searchers, Funk to the Folks
Balkan Beatbox, Balcumbia
Quantic, Mofongo Para El Alma Track #7

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 14, 2012

Planet Smashers, Attack of the Planet Smashers*
Irakere, Bacalao Con Pan
Victor Bateman, Cold Hard Woman*
Heavy Trash, Crying Tramp
Hank Williams III, My Drinkin' Problem

Sets by DJ Rockin' Dave

Wes Dakus and the Rebels, Las Vegas Scene*
Duane Eddy, Twango
Bonney & Buzz, The Hunter
The High Tides, Love or Money*
Buzz Deluxe, Revenge*
Tennessee Voodoo Couple, Avenue Blue*
The Hellbent Rockers, Head over Heels*
The Hellbent Rockers, Corner Store*
Marty Allen, Don't Write Me No Letter*
Howlin' Houndogs, Cattin' Around*
Benitez & Nebula, Nightlife

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, Oct. 31, 2012

Swingin' Neckbreakers, No Costume, No Candy
Tijuana Bibles, Wheelchair Werewolf*
Reverend Horton Heat, The Halloween Dance
Gutter Demons, Day of the Dead*
The Toyes, Monster Hash
Suckerpunk, Let's Get Evil*
Hellbound Hepcats, Werewolf*
Dead Elvises, Creature Stole My Surfboard
Forbidden Dimension, My Family Curse*
Thee Merry Widows, All of them Witches
Southern Culture on the Skids, Werewolf
Krazy 8's, Phantom Car*
The Born Losers, Werewolves on Wheels
The Knurlings, Cemetary Stomp*
Rockin' Ryan, Headstone Rock
Deadcats, Crypt Zombie Hula*
The Matadors, Evil Eye*

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 17, 2012

Fundraising show - more talk, less rock.

JP5, Beer Drinking Maneaters*
The Brains, Train*
Southern Culture on the Skids, Liquored Up, Lacquered Down
Chuck Last, White Collar Farm*
Royal Crowns, You Sure Know What You're Doin'*
The Sadies, What's Left Behind*

* = Canadian
Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 10, 2012

The Royal Crowns, Long Slow Ride*
Speedometer, Wait Up
Bad Vibrations, In My Mind*
The Royal Purple, Heading Back to You
The Existers, Future Shock*
Pacha Massive, All Good Things
Pacha Massive, La Verdolago
Vektor, Head in a Bottle*

Chris Houston, War of da Dudes*
Christopher Dignan, Black Barn*
The Schomberg Fair, Mercy*
Meanwood, Sister Sin*
John Spencer Blues Explosion, Big Road
Moses Mays, Intrafusion*

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 3, 2012

Red Elvises, I Wanna See You Bellydance
Nicodemus, Brookerest
The Bon, Zigzag*
Big John Bates, Taste the Barrel*
Polaris, Dr Electro*
God Made Me Funky, God Made Me Funky*
Saddlesores, Redneck Punk*
Big Sandy, Chalk It Up To the Blues
Treble Spankers, WellaFex Blue
The Evaporators, It's My Pride*
Go Sailor, Fine Day for Sailing
Run with the Kittens, What Have I Become?*
Last Vegas, You Bet on Love and You Lost
Hardcore Superstar, Hello/Goodbye
Random Killing, Dishwasher*
Fruko Y Su Tesos, Manyoma

* = Canadian
Catwoman Radio Playlist, September 5, 2012

Slim Moore & the Mar-Keys, Reachin' Higher*
Babalao Stereo Club, Too Bad*
The New Mastersounds, Thirty-three
The Treblemakers, Exploding Bikers from Hochelaga*
Blue Demons, Beaknit Bandit*
The Living Deads, Mad Monkey
The Royal Crowns, Put it On*
The Stems, Under Your Mushroom
The Pinecones, Jenny Fur*
The Saffron Sect, All Leads Back to You*
Meas Samoun, Dondung Goan Gay
Samantha Martin & the Haggard, Loretto*
Chuck Last, Something in the Air
Ragtime Wranglers, Groovesville
Ipacuba, feat. Danay, Francis del Rio & Julio Padrón

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 29, 2012

The Smokers, The Hatchet Man*
Curse of Horseflesh, Liberty's Cannonball*
Catl, Gold Tooth Shine*
Fallout, Apathy*
The Bloody Five, Exit Sign*
Morphine, You Look Like Rain
Brian Blain, The Old Whaler's Confession*
Alistair Christl, Haunted Love*
Carolyn Mark, Gopherville*
Nebula, Clearlight
La Bastarde, I Wanna Tell You Somethin'
Bibi Tanga, It's the Earth that Moves
La Sonora de L. Macedo, Humo

* = Canada
Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 22, 2012

King Chango, This is a Fulltime Business
Ramblin' Ambassadors, Tyger Beat*
Budos Band, Chicago Rising
Schomberg Fair, The Fire The Flood
Urban Surf Kings, Renegade*

Sets by DJ Rockin' Dave

The Delmore Brothers, Let the Freight Train Carry Me On
Joe Kozak and the Frontiersman, Hillbilly Rock*
The Stoltz Brothers, Rock and Roll Riot*
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Rock and Roll Heart*
The Greasemarks, Back Up*
The Living Deads, RV Hook-up
Petunia and the Vipers, Gitterbug*
Ronnie Hayward, That'll be the Love*
Ronnie Hayward, You Hound Ya Lie*
Handsome Ned, Great Shakin' Fever*
Eddie Clendening, Mean Ol' Frisco
Flashing Lights, Heart Like Mine*
The High Dials, Oisin, My Bastard Brother*

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 15, 2012

Agent Orange, Unsafe at Any Speed
Hank Marr, White House Party
Brian Setzer, This Cat's on a Hot Tin Roof
Christopher Dignan, Move Them Bones*
Detroit Cobras, 99 and a Half Won't Do
Andre Williams, Can You Deal With It?
Pavlov's Dog Orchestra, Another Day*
Jayme Stone, Ways of the World*
The Smokin' 45s, Hangover Roadtrip*
Broken Joe, Walking Boss*
Victor Bateman, In the Pines*
Pacifica, Mas y Mas*
Sharon Jones, Without a Heart
The Modellos, Stand Off*
Caballo, La Mision*
Eddie Palmieri, Melao Para El Sapo

* = Canadian
Catwoman Radio Playlist, Aug. 8, 2012

Tangle Eye, Wish I Was in Heaven
Guitar Mikey, It's A Sin
Tijuana Bibles, Instantaneous Death*
Les Breastfeeders, Tu N'es Pas Mon Chien*
The Real McKenzies, Pagan Holiday*
Chuck Last,White Collar Farm*
Reverb Syndicate, Lunar Attack*
The Waxwings, All the Fuss*
The Royal Purple, Colors
The Legendary Shack Shakers, He Ain't Right
Shakedown Combo, Rockin' Shoes*
Royal Fingers, Point Panic
Jinny Ooops! Minx
Jukejoint, Hard*
JuanaFe, Callejero
East Meets Vest, Cry Hard Luck*
The Astrobilly's, Jungle Fever*

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio, August 1, 2012

The Diodes, Red Rubber Ball*
The Chickens, Super Bee*
Bad Vibrations, Wave 1*
Donna Grantis Electric Band, Kid's Got Moxie*
Luau or Die, Surfin' Assassin*
Clayton Doley, Chester Drawers
Scotty Campbell and his Wardenaires, He's Got a Way with Women*
Drive By Truckers, Heathens
Oranj Symphonette, The Magnificent Seven
The Herbalizer, Mr Chombee Has the Flaw
The Royal Crowns, Heavy Baby*
Agriculture Club, Trucker's Friend*
Thee Merry Windows, Holy Hack Jack
Sr Bikini, Misterio
Balneario, Espias Con Espuelas

* = Canadian
Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 25, 2012

Ska-P, Welcome to Hell
The Sin-Tones, Knot of Wood*
King Khan, Got the Itch*
Raygun Cowboys, Devil Son*
Ramblin' Ambassadors, Super Lungbucket*
Antibalas, Beaten Metal
Grupo Fantasma, Juan Tenorio,
Ritmo Pile, Pile Beat
Burnin' Sands, Big Boss*
Sinkin' Ships, Mayday*
Chuck Last, Alpha Dog*
Asian Dub Foundation, Real Great Britain
Run with the Kittens, The End is the Message*
Bella Clava, Ding Dong Ditch*
The Bloody Five, And For Me the Forest*
Joe Bataan, Subway Joe
* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 18, 2012

Huevos Rancheros, What a Way To Run a Railroad*
The Brains, Train*
Waxmen, Better Off*
Schomberg Fair, Black Crow River*
Five Alarm Funk, Demon Be Gone*
Shadowy Man on a Shadowy Planet, Good Cop, Bad Cop*
Shadowy Man on a Shadowy Planet, Spy School Graduation Theme*
Dex Romweber Duo, Lookout
Cousin Harley, Walk Don't Run*
The Flying Bordellos, Comanche 08*
The High Tides, Green Grass*
Jerry Cole & his Spacemen, Power Surf
The Shutdowns, Four in the Floor
Hal Blaine & the Young Cougars, (Dance with the) Surfin' Band
Atomic Mosquito, Mosquito Royale
The Royal Crowns, End Run*
Psychotropical Orchestra, Ya Me Voy*
* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist July 12, 2012

Treasa Levasseur, Broad *
The Sadies, Another Year Again *
Alistair Christl, Troubles to the Train *
Samantha Martin, Truckdriver's Daughter *
Atomic 7, Artistry in Nachos *

Set by guest Selectah DJ TONS

Michel Legrand, Twist Bop *
Johnny Bond & his Red River Boys, All I Can Do Is Cry
Johnny Horton, I'm Coming Home
Maddox Brothers and Sisters Rose, New Step it Up and Go
Wanda Jackson, Funnel of Love
The Beatles, Cry for a Shadow
Ty Segall, Fuzzy Cat
Thee Headcoats, No-One
The Phantom, Love Me
Ernie Chaffin, Feelin' Low
Jimmy Byron, Carol *
Banda Ceretrana, Ron Blanco
 * = Canadian
Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 4, 2012

Maceo Parker, Rabbits In the Pea Patch
The Divorcees, Born Ready*
Mike Ness, Charmed Life
The Booby Traps, Going Nowhere
The Bloody Five, Never Again*
Punjabi by Nature, Dance with PBN*
Saidah Baba Talibah, On My Knees*
Clayton Doley, Desperate Times*
Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, Family History*
Mr T Experience, Here She Comes
Dum Dum Girls, Teardrops on my Pillow
The Threat, Switchblade Romance*
Tijuana Bibles, It's Gamera
Matt "The Rumble" Morrison, Polarized
Benitez & Nebula, Hey Girl
Machito, Tanga

Talking over music: Urban Surf Kings, Big Surf at Black Point*

* = Canadian
Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 20, 2012

Bad Religion, Faith Alone
KC Roberts, Had a Dream*
Tower of Power, Only So Much Oil in the Ground
George Westerholm, Dr Gruesome's Wellness Centre*
Dodge Fiasco, Psychotic Reaction*
Cimarron, Como Penelope*
The Shakedown Combo, Lion's Lair*
La Bastard, Sierra Dance
Christian D & The Hangovers, Hot Mess*
New Country Rehab, State Trooper*
Soul Rebels, 504
Orgone, Dead Reckoning
Afrodizz, Killing Floor*
Trombone Shorty, Where Y'At
Trombone Shorty, Hurricane Season

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 13, 2012

Catwoman Radio – Wed. June 13th, 2012 playlist

Programmed by DJ Rockin' Dave

John Barry "Beat Girl soundtrack – Main Title"
Henry Mancini "Touch of Evil soundtrack – Main Title"
Henry Mancini "Touch of Evil soundtrack – Borderline Montuna"
Wes Dakus and the Rebels "Rattlesnake"*
Wes Dakus and the Rebels "Feel Good"*
Barry Allen "Love's Made A Fool Of You"*
The High Tides "Love Or Money"*
The Blue Demons "Beatnik Bandit" 7" version*
The Dead Beat "Pier Pressure"*
The Cocktail Preachers "Gutterball"
Los Straitjackets (with Reverend Horton Heat) "Down The Line"
Buzz Deluxe "5,000 Coffins (demo mix)"*
Ronnie Hayward "That'll Be The Love"*
Ronnie Hayward and His Quartet "I Like You Best When You Whisper"*
Handsome Ned "Ain't No Room For Cheatin'"*
Alistair Christl "Troubles To The Train"*
Christian D And The Hangovers "Blame It On Your Bloodline"*
The Shakedown Combo "Creepin' Up On Me"*
Bloodshot Bill "Lemme Rock"*
The Cutmen "Ain't Got You (That's a Drag)"*

*=Canadian content

Catwoman Radio – Wed. May 23rd, 2012 playlist

DJ Rockin' Dave Faris
with special guest Teddy Fury

The Royal Crowns "Give It To You"
Johnny Burnette and the Rock n' Roll Trio "The Train Kept A Rollin'"
The Greasemarks "Bloodshot Eyes"
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe "Teenage Boogie"
The Shakin' Pyramids "Let's Go"
The Royal Crowns "She's Got It, And I Want It"
The Royal Crowns "Lady Pomp Gal"
The Royal Crowns "Please Stop"
The Royal Crowns "Pickled Beats"
The Royal Crowns "Pill Poppin' Poppa"
The Royal Crowns "Heavy Baby"
The Shakedown Combo "Anything But Blue"
Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 16, 2012

Atomic 7, Man with the Golden Card*
Alistair Christl, Catfight*
Devil's Hotrod, Boppin Cat*
Five Alarm Funk, Iron Pegasus*
Mad Bomber Society, Top of the World*
Wayne Hancock, High Rolling Train
Tim Harwill & the Legends, The Laws of Motion*
Ramblin' Ambassadors, Clambake*
Creepshow, Hellbound*
Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Baby
High Dials, Uruguay*
Christine Leakey, Lovely*
The Ripe, Be Adventurous
The Heavy, Cause for Alarm
The Phantom Six, Scenes Like This
K.C. Roberts & The Live Revolution, Too Late*

* = Canadian
Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 9, 2012 JP5, Beer Drinking Man Eaters* Polaris, Hypnovista* The Resonairs, Whatever You Want Freeman Dre & Kitchen Party, Babylon* The Breakmen, Leaving California* The Sojourners, Lead Me, Guide Me* Polaris, Spaciba, Da Svidania The Royal Crowns, 3 Dollar Cologne* Colin James, Rocket to the Moon* Joe Bataan, Chevere Que Chevere Papagroove, Rimouna* Polaris, Eurostar* The Laundronauts, Lint Trap* The Weirdies, Knife Fight at the Planetarium* The Brains, As I Stand* Firkin, Firkinful of Beer Los Explosivos, No Se Lo Que Soy Juanafe, Callejero * = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 11, 2012

Atomic 7, She's Got Hagar's Party Slacks*
The Bon, Static Electricity*
The Breaks, That's Alright, That's Okay*
The Calrizians, Call Me Evil*
Treasa Levasseur, Much Too Much*
Dirty Maria, Santero*
BellaClava, Loose Screw*
Sunbear, Living Dead*
Meanwood, Sister Sin*
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Trans Am*
Samantha Martin, New Kind of Blue*
Swingin' Blackjacks, Little Red Head*
Exit 13, Light Up
Carlos del Junco, Junco Partner*
Afrodizz, Fashion Terroriste*

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 4, 2012

Leather Uppers, Wizard's Castle*
Suckerpunch, Let's Get Evil*
Heavy Trash, Kissy Baby*
La Bastard, It's Not Like I'm Telling A Lie
Legendary Shack Shakers, Old Spur Line
Physical Education, And That's All
The Sadies, 10 More Songs*
Flying Burrito Brothers, Devil in Disguise
Hank Williams III, Rebel Within
Rattlesnake Choir, Wastin' My Time*
Balneario, Espiad De La Lancha
D.O.A., Devil's Speedway*
Huevos Rancheros, El Toro Muerto Con Queso*
Puerto Rico Y Su Combo, Cumbia del Pescador
* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 28, 2012

Grupo Fantasma, Cumbianchera
Swinginl Blackjacks, Never Go Out To Play*
The Moonstones, Malo Para Ti
Hypnotics, Lipstick on My Collar*
The Bokononists, Take Whatever You Want*
The Ripperz, A Good Life*
Bebop Cowboys, Shooting Star*
Samantha Martin, New Kind of Blue*
Christian D & The Hangovers, Sleep My Life Away*
Las Ultras, Vaquero Galactico
Little Murders, Running Man
Life Problems, Border of Jurisdiction*
Les Breastfeeders, Mes Lunettes Noires*
Green Hour Band, Chains of Passivity*
Monster Truck, I am Freedom*
Babalao Stereo Club, Ay Catira*
* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 21, 2012

The Dirtbombs, Start the Party
Demolition Dollrods, Fast One
The Leather Uppers, Bigger Than A Breadbox*
The Gruesomes, No No No No*
The Scenics, Great Piles Of Leaves*
Hey Stella, Wayfaring Stranger*
Jason Plumb and the Willing, Middle of Nowhere*
Edgar Breau, Patches of Blue*
The Breaks, That's Alright, That's Okay*
Bellaclava, Conflict & Desire*
Schomberg Fair, Mark of Cain*
Big John Bates, Fields of Fire*
Speaking Tongues, Trouble*
Meeko Cheech, Easy Squeeze*
Fauna, El Gauchito Gil

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio playlist - March 14, 2012

Hosted by DJ Rockin' Dave Faris!

Duane Eddy "Curveball"
Wes Dakus & the Rebels "Side Winder" *
Los Straitjackets "Town Without Pity"
Aqualads "Washout"
The Calrizians "Call Me Evil" *
interview with guest Alistair Christl
Alistair Christl "Little Jane May" *
Alistair Christl "Catfight" *
Alistair Christl "Spanish Melody" *
Alistair Christl "Poor Little Girl" *
Ronnie Hayward Trio "Let's Rock Tonight" *
Ronnie Hayward and His Quartet "Untameable" *
Buck Owens "I've Got a Tiger By the Tail"
Petunia "Gitterbug" *
The Shakin' Pyramids "Cumberland Gap"
The Millwinders "Each Day" *
Tom Waits "Chicago"
John Hammond "Heartattack and Vine"
Bloodshot Bill "Homicide" *

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 7, 2012

Dream Dates, Surfer Joe*
1977, Sunshine*
Detroit Cobras, Insane Asylum
New Country Rehab, Cameo*
Dani Nash, Run from You*
Samantha Martin & The Haggard, Road to You*
Big Tobacco & The Pickers, The Legend of Ma Barker*
Ginger St James, Lonely Cryin' Blues
Samantha Martin & The Haggard, New Kind of Blue*
Dodge Fiasco, Feelin' Good Now*
Romi Mays, Not My Baby*
Samantha Martin, Six White Horses*
Samantha Martin, Loretto*

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 29, 2012

Christopher Dignan, I'm Feeling Good Now*
Catl, Get Outta My Car*
The Breaks, Oh! Lord*
Groovy Religion, Dimebag*
Fleur Fatate, Release the Colours in Me
Firewater, Anything At All
Monkey, It's A Party*
Five Alarm Funk, Zenith Escalator*
Meanwood, Mercy*
Will the Circle, Our Days Go*
Driveby Truckers, Do It Yourself
Detroit Cobras, Everybody's Going Wild
Mikabomb, Shut Ya Mouth
Los Gatos Negros, Hey Hey Bunny
The Latin Brothers, Patrona De Los Reclusos

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 22, 2012

The Smugglers, To Serve, Protect and Entertain*
Big John Bates, Break the Ghost*
Schomberg Fair, Mark of Cain*
King Khan, Mashed Potato Itch*
Flashing Lights, Where the Change Is*

Music chosen by guest deejay Eugene Ripper

The Clash, Wrong 'Em Boyo
Lefty Frizzel, Long Black Veil
Rolling Stones, Country Honk
Gram Parsons, Streets of Baltimore
Eugene Ripper, I Thought That I Saw Her*
Nick Cave, Stagger Lee
Eugene Ripper, Punks & Pushers*
Eugene Ripper, Perfect Day in Hollywood*

Souljazz Orchestra, Awakening*

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 15, 2012

Jukejoint, The Melody Kind*
Slim Moore & The Mar-Keys, Cityspace*
Treasa Levasseur, Much Too Much*
The Heavy, Sixteen
The Nomads, Crystal Ball
The Matadors, I Lied
Grupo Fantasma, Hijo
Gotan Project, Queremos Paz
Gogol Bordello, Punk Rock Parranda
The Peacocks, Go Away
Buddy McNeil & the Magic Mirrors, Octopus Hop
Bible All-Stars, Back to the Bottle Again*
Flash Lightnin', You Got A Mouth*
Tijuana Bibles, Gorilla Stomp*
Ray Barretto, Acid

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 8, 2012

The Z Rays, Number Nine*
Canteen Knockout, Whiskey Drain the Pain*
The Cramps, Ultra Twist
The Grave Mistakes, Death Toll Rising*
The Existers, Never Think Big*
Bloodhouse, Endless Vacation*
Ronnie Hayward, Untameable,*
Lickin' Good Fried, Stop Running Wild*
Dreadnoughts, Polka Never Dies*
Social Distortion, Alone and Forsaken
Radio Moscow, Little Eyes
Galactic, Cineramascope
Vektor, Head in a Bottle*
Clayton Doley, Right Kind of Loving
The Calrizians, Call Me Evil*
Chacalon Y La Nueva Crema, A Trabajar

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 1, 2012

Firewater, Borneo
Green Hour Band, Flash Freaks*
Mad Sin, Last Gang Standing
Justin Curtis & Sally Jo, Ride Into The Night*
Danny Marks, El Kabong!*
Suckerpunch, Let's Get Evil*
Big John Bates, Murdercycle*
Deke Dickerson, Hot Rod Queen
The Rizdales, My New Wife's Kids*
The Sadies, Never Again*
H.A.D., On Guard We Stand*
Speaking Tongues, Karma Blues*
Sunbear, Living Dead*
Budos Band, Unbroken, Unshaven
Plastic Bertrand, Bambino*
Irakere, Babalao Con Pan
Lido Barrientos y su Orquesta, Cumbia En Do Menor

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 25, 2012

Teenage Head, Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party*
MeanWood, Sister Sin*
Secret Sister, My Heart Skips A Beat
Samantha Martin & The Haggard, Loretto*
Urban Surf Kings, Wigwam*
Bad Religion, God's Love
Sheetah et les Weissmuller, Ca Vient des trips
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Mama Don't Like My Man
Baby Woodrose, Droput Boogie
Bellaclava, Conflict & Desire*
The Sheepdogs, Learn My Lesson*
The Lonely Vulcans, Barmitzfun*
Sasquatch Promdate, You Don't Know What You're Putting Me Through*
Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party, Babylon*
Neko Case, Red Tide
Babalao Stereoclub, Sangre Africana*

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 18, 2012

Laura Nyro, Luckie
Dunkelbundt, Mia Kwa Mia
JuanaFe, Callejero
The Modellos, It's Gettin' Tough*

Music selected by DJ Surfin' Dave

Atomic 7, Junior Miss Chop Shop*
Atomic 7, Daddy's Little World*
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, In My Room*
Wes Dakus and the Rebels, Las Vegas Scene*
Dick Dale, Nightrider
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Avenue Blue*
Ronnie Hayward, Shake 'Em Up Rock*
Ray Condo, Sweet Love on My Mind*
Petunia and the Vipers, Maybe Baby Amy*
Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding, My Baby Left Me

DumDum Girls, Just a Creep
JP5, Chew the Bait*
Red Bacteria Vacuum, [title is in Japanese]
Chelsea, Bad Advice
Astro Zombies, Skulls
JuanaFe, El Que Te Quiere Te Quiere

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 11, 2012

Robert Gordon, Flying Saucer Rock and Roll
Tijuana Bibles, Deadly Weapons*
Mass Cult Suicide, Last Time I Got Drunk
The Vanishers, Hit Girl*
Ninety Pounds of Ugly, Room #3*

Guest selectah Eugene Ripper

Stark Naked & the Flestones, I Broke Her Heart, She Broke My Arm*
The Ramones, KKK Took My Baby Away
The Kinks, I Gotta Move
The New York Dolls, Pills
Dead Boys, Sonic Reducer
Eddie Cochrane, Nervous Breakdown
The Jam, Slow Down
The Trashman, Kuk
Stark Naked & the Fleshtones, Bop Till You Drop*

Swingin' Blackjacks, Little Easter*
Slim Moore & the Marquees, Cityscape*

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 4, 2012

Southern Culture on the Skids, Liquored Up & Lacquered Down
Liquid Soul, Sweet Pea
Bad Vibrations, No Fool*
The Booby Traps, Ms. Fireball
Bill Duzan & the Corvettes, Shaften
New Country Rehab, The Houses in This Town Are All Falling Down*
Scotty Campbell and his Wardenaires, Stumblin' Round the Room*
Bebop Cowboys Western Swing Orchestra, That's Why I Ain't Been Home in Years*
Fruko y sus Tesos, Cachumbembé
Papagroove, East Road*
Von Zippers, Betty Lou Got A New Tatoo*
Les Breastfeeders, Betty Lou*
Electric Six, Kukuxumushu
The Leather Uppers, Scream if You're High*
The Speaking Tongues, Bad Man*
Bafofondo, Ya No Duele
Fruko y sus Tesos, Manyoma
Wganda Kenya, La Trompeta Loca

* = Canadian