Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 11, 2012

Robert Gordon, Flying Saucer Rock and Roll
Tijuana Bibles, Deadly Weapons*
Mass Cult Suicide, Last Time I Got Drunk
The Vanishers, Hit Girl*
Ninety Pounds of Ugly, Room #3*

Guest selectah Eugene Ripper

Stark Naked & the Flestones, I Broke Her Heart, She Broke My Arm*
The Ramones, KKK Took My Baby Away
The Kinks, I Gotta Move
The New York Dolls, Pills
Dead Boys, Sonic Reducer
Eddie Cochrane, Nervous Breakdown
The Jam, Slow Down
The Trashman, Kuk
Stark Naked & the Fleshtones, Bop Till You Drop*

Swingin' Blackjacks, Little Easter*
Slim Moore & the Marquees, Cityscape*

* = Canadian