Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 28, 2012

Grupo Fantasma, Cumbianchera
Swinginl Blackjacks, Never Go Out To Play*
The Moonstones, Malo Para Ti
Hypnotics, Lipstick on My Collar*
The Bokononists, Take Whatever You Want*
The Ripperz, A Good Life*
Bebop Cowboys, Shooting Star*
Samantha Martin, New Kind of Blue*
Christian D & The Hangovers, Sleep My Life Away*
Las Ultras, Vaquero Galactico
Little Murders, Running Man
Life Problems, Border of Jurisdiction*
Les Breastfeeders, Mes Lunettes Noires*
Green Hour Band, Chains of Passivity*
Monster Truck, I am Freedom*
Babalao Stereo Club, Ay Catira*
* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 21, 2012

The Dirtbombs, Start the Party
Demolition Dollrods, Fast One
The Leather Uppers, Bigger Than A Breadbox*
The Gruesomes, No No No No*
The Scenics, Great Piles Of Leaves*
Hey Stella, Wayfaring Stranger*
Jason Plumb and the Willing, Middle of Nowhere*
Edgar Breau, Patches of Blue*
The Breaks, That's Alright, That's Okay*
Bellaclava, Conflict & Desire*
Schomberg Fair, Mark of Cain*
Big John Bates, Fields of Fire*
Speaking Tongues, Trouble*
Meeko Cheech, Easy Squeeze*
Fauna, El Gauchito Gil

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio playlist - March 14, 2012

Hosted by DJ Rockin' Dave Faris!

Duane Eddy "Curveball"
Wes Dakus & the Rebels "Side Winder" *
Los Straitjackets "Town Without Pity"
Aqualads "Washout"
The Calrizians "Call Me Evil" *
interview with guest Alistair Christl
Alistair Christl "Little Jane May" *
Alistair Christl "Catfight" *
Alistair Christl "Spanish Melody" *
Alistair Christl "Poor Little Girl" *
Ronnie Hayward Trio "Let's Rock Tonight" *
Ronnie Hayward and His Quartet "Untameable" *
Buck Owens "I've Got a Tiger By the Tail"
Petunia "Gitterbug" *
The Shakin' Pyramids "Cumberland Gap"
The Millwinders "Each Day" *
Tom Waits "Chicago"
John Hammond "Heartattack and Vine"
Bloodshot Bill "Homicide" *

* = Canadian

Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 7, 2012

Dream Dates, Surfer Joe*
1977, Sunshine*
Detroit Cobras, Insane Asylum
New Country Rehab, Cameo*
Dani Nash, Run from You*
Samantha Martin & The Haggard, Road to You*
Big Tobacco & The Pickers, The Legend of Ma Barker*
Ginger St James, Lonely Cryin' Blues
Samantha Martin & The Haggard, New Kind of Blue*
Dodge Fiasco, Feelin' Good Now*
Romi Mays, Not My Baby*
Samantha Martin, Six White Horses*
Samantha Martin, Loretto*

* = Canadian