Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 21, 2009

Ray Barretto, Acid
Zydepunks, Papirossen in Gan Eden
Bill Carter & AV Looper, Cool Tom Cat
The Matadors, Up All Night
Catl, Me & My Chauffer Blues
Holly Go Lightly, Bottom Below
Waylon Jennings, Are You Ready for the Country?
The Gruesomes, Why Me?
Les Breastfeeders, Viens avec Moi
Zeke, Drunk
Evil Farm Children, Cone of Silence
Santerias, Paixao
Pacha Massive, Get it On
Los Twangers, Tres Palmas
Souljazz Orchestra, Parasite

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 14, 2009

I didn't have the track listings handy for Mexican Madness, so I just picked a track that sounded cool, and the band's name it turns out is El Gato Y su Banda. El Gato means cat (that much Spanish I do know). My evil twin Mala Gata must have been whispering in my ear...

Southern Culture of the Skids, Liquored Up & Lacquered Down
El Gato Y su Banda, Chavo Reactivo
United Steel Workers of Montreal, Tracie Dean
Road Bones, Another Time
Heavy Trash, Lover Street
Andre Williams, Can You Deal With It?
Benitez & Nebula, I'm So Sad
The Perpetrators, Movin' Right Along
Rita Chiarelli, Hurtin' Chain
Atomic 7, She's Got Hagar Party Slacks
Honolulu Playboys, Okapi
Toma Sidibe, Ragga Sunu
Dubmatix, Happy Dub
Souljazz Orchestra, Kapital

Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 7, 2009

Necessity is the Mother of Organization (or some such thing...) Catwoman is away sailing (some cats do like water!), so she's pre-recorded two weeks worth of shows. So for once the playlist precedes the show.

The Dramatics, The Devil is Dope
Psychotropical Orchestra, El Son de la Muerte
Surfcoasters, Dreams
Sinkin' Ships, Mayday
The Vagrants, I Love Love You
Raygun Cowboys, Dead End Girl
Luke Doucet, Long Haul Driver
Del McCoury, I Feel the Blues Movin' In
Jackson Phibes, Cross Dressin' Daddy
The Only Ones, Another Girl, Another Planet
The Wives, Cut & Tear
Blue Demons, Beatnik Bandit
Von Zippers, Betty Lou Got a New Tatoo
Fauna, Canibal
Mr Something Something, Di Bombs