Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 14, 2009

I didn't have the track listings handy for Mexican Madness, so I just picked a track that sounded cool, and the band's name it turns out is El Gato Y su Banda. El Gato means cat (that much Spanish I do know). My evil twin Mala Gata must have been whispering in my ear...

Southern Culture of the Skids, Liquored Up & Lacquered Down
El Gato Y su Banda, Chavo Reactivo
United Steel Workers of Montreal, Tracie Dean
Road Bones, Another Time
Heavy Trash, Lover Street
Andre Williams, Can You Deal With It?
Benitez & Nebula, I'm So Sad
The Perpetrators, Movin' Right Along
Rita Chiarelli, Hurtin' Chain
Atomic 7, She's Got Hagar Party Slacks
Honolulu Playboys, Okapi
Toma Sidibe, Ragga Sunu
Dubmatix, Happy Dub
Souljazz Orchestra, Kapital