Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 22, 2010

The Singles, I'm in Love with You
The Sadies, Idle Tomorrow's
G-Men, Movement in the Tree Line
Christopher Dignan, My Time Will Come
Bajofondo Tango Club, Hoy
Fort Knox Five, Shift
The Impacts, Ft. Lauderdale
Buzz Deluxe, Velvet Eyes
Antibalas, War Hero
Novalima, Liberta

Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 15, 2010

Badmarsh & Shri, Signs
Balkan Beatbox, Look Them Act
Benitez and Nebula, Mariposa
Von Drats, Malaguena
Meaghan Blanchard, Knockin' on a Deadman's Door
New Country Rehab, Houses In This Town
Smokin' 45s, Another Man
Broadcast Zero, Demons
Urban Preacher, Kidi Vidi Village
Jodesha & Star Rider, The Answer
The Rizdales, Little Treasure
The Eradicators, Friend & Enemies
Bad Religion, Meeting of the Minds
The Peacocks, Hero
Royal Purple, I Was Alone
Dirty Maria, Ven

Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 8, 2010

The Divorcees, Born Ready
Christopher Dignan, Gotta Move
Aqua Velvets, Surf Nouveau
Moses Mayes, Second Ring
Dolly Rocker Movement, Falling Home Again
Tommy T, Brothers
The Millwinders, Each Day
The Millwinders, High Heeled Hotrod
Royal Crowns, Maybe
Real Gone, Sexual Disconnexual
Alistair Christl, Catfight
Handsome Ned, Ain't No Room for Cheating
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, Teenage Boogie
Flying Bordellos, Surf Rider

Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 1, 2010

Dunkelbundt, After the Rain
Budos Band, Mark of the Unnamed
Big John Bates, Devil May Care
Dee Dee Ramone. Bad Horoscope
The Sadies, Postcards
Eugene Ripper, Another Perfect Day in Hollywood
Raygun Cowboys, Curse of the Django
Jinny Oops, No More Candy
Grupo Fantasma, La Conozco
K.C. Roberts & The Live Revolution, Dancefloor
The Brains, Apres Cette Nuit
The Weirdies, Bad Chemicals
Telekrimen, Hermanos Muerte
Okamotos, Beek
Rebel Rhythm, Sonrisas