Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 22, 2012

The Smugglers, To Serve, Protect and Entertain*
Big John Bates, Break the Ghost*
Schomberg Fair, Mark of Cain*
King Khan, Mashed Potato Itch*
Flashing Lights, Where the Change Is*

Music chosen by guest deejay Eugene Ripper

The Clash, Wrong 'Em Boyo
Lefty Frizzel, Long Black Veil
Rolling Stones, Country Honk
Gram Parsons, Streets of Baltimore
Eugene Ripper, I Thought That I Saw Her*
Nick Cave, Stagger Lee
Eugene Ripper, Punks & Pushers*
Eugene Ripper, Perfect Day in Hollywood*

Souljazz Orchestra, Awakening*

* = Canadian