Thanks to all those who supported Catwoman Radio!

A big Purrrrrrr to everyone who pledged support to CIUT and Catwoman Radio last week. Every penny goes to paying essential bills (if you've been to CIUT, you know we don't spend it on furniture!)

Here are the ever-so-groovy Catwoman Radio supports:

Darcy (co-host with the most!)
The lovely and talented Maria
Gary Topp, who brings Toronto so many amazing great concerts
Rich of The Speedkings and Speedking Records
T the Albacore Queen
Secret Agent Top Kat
Motorcyle Doug
Cleave from The Screwed
Sailor Paul
Alexei who is a return donor to Catwoman, thank you my dear!
Louis Henrique, another hardcore CIUT supporter
David B
David S
Doug M

I truly appreciate your support!