Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 22, 2009

Come out to Funkete at the Smiling Bhudda this Saturday, April 25 - fun!!! May 9, Ricardo Lemvo at Lula, May 12, King Khan at the Phoenix. Whoohoo!!!

Amazing Royal Crowns, Shiverin' in the Corner
Samurai Attack, Volcano
King Khan and the Shrines, Took My Baby to Dinner
Ricardo Lemvo, Ay Valeria,
Joe Doe & The Sadies, It Just Dawned on Me
Broken Joe, Desperation Blues
Tijuana Bibles, Instantaneous Death
Princessa, Con La Misma Moneda
Dirty Bottom, Beep Beep
Royal Crowns, Mean Mean Streak
Teenage Head, Let's Shake
Propoghandi, Funeral Procession
Maple Blues Revue, One Day at a Time
The Warlocks, Red Camera