Catwoman Radio Playlist for February 4, 2009

Lots of great new releases at CIUT this week, including United Steel Workers of Montreal, surfabilly from the Modelos, and a new edition of North to Ontario, a compilation of bluegrass bands from around the province. I also a played a track from "999", the spanking new EP from Lords of Hera - bigger than the beast!!!

Dirty Bottom, Beep Beep
Soul Searchers, Ashley's Roachclip
Treasa Levasseur, Good Ones Never Share
Terry Blersh, Wearin' Out My Heart
Bruiser Brody, Master of the Universe
Lords of Hera, Within the Shadows
Made in Mexico, Guerillaton
United Steel Workers of Montreal, Three Hard Knocks
Carl Goodman & Ray Legere, Suck it Up, Buttercup
The Modelos, Saddle Justice
Victor Bateman, In the Pines
Alex Cuba, Perita en la Cara
The Centurions, Intoxica
The New Enemy, 3 Sheets