Catwoman Playlist February 21, 2007

ARTIST_TITLE_LABEL_SONG * indicates Canadian artist

• Planet Smashers_Attack of the Planet Smashers_Stomp_Attack of the Planet Smashers *
• The Warlocks_Phoenix Album_Birdman_Shake the Dope Out
• Le Breastfeeders_Les Matins de Grand Soirs_Blow the Fuse_Vien Avec Moi *
• Big John Bates_Take Your Medicine_Devil Sauce_44 Love Bites *
• Austin Lounge Lizards_Drugs I Need_Blue Corn Music_Banjo Players in Heaven
• Gutter Demons_Zombie Night in Canada Vol 2_Stumble Records_Day of the Dead *
• The Flaps_The Flaps_Kelp Records_Astrolabia *
• Irakere_Si, Para Ustad_Waxing Deep_Bacalao Con Pan
• Adam Soloman_Tree of Life_independent_Unajifanya *
• James Hand_Truth Will Set You Free_Rounder_In the Corner by the Jukebox
• The Mahones_Take No Prisoners_Stumble Records_The Amsterdam Song *
• Peter & The Test Tube Babies_Test Tube Trash_Dr. Strange_Vickers Wank Too!
• Random Killing_Stranded_Raw Energy_Dishwasher *
• The Wives_Ripped_CBGB's_Strapped Down Tight
• NoiseShaper_Real to Reel_Miracle Sounds_ Sly & Robbie Remix