Catwoman Radio Playlist, February 20, 2008

Thanks to David Dacks for filling in while Catwoman was at the vet!

This night comes out of both of us - kip hanrahan (American clave)
Akulaiwa Soweto - mgababa queens (shanachie)
Amalinja - don Isaac Ezekiel combination (soundway)
Work that body - taana gardner (west end)
Makoomba - nuspirit Helsinki (guidance)
Madingley - minisystem (noise factory) MAP
Lioness - dub rocket feat. Mela one (touchbass) MAPL
J'etais jetee - think of one (crammed)
Consecracion de carino - la India canela (Smithsonian folkways)
Contort yourself - james chance & the contortions rmx. By august darnell (strut)
200 saxophones - deep dark united (rat drifting) MAPL