Catwoman Radio Playlist, Sept 21, 2011

Cousin Harley, It's A Sin*
Les Breastfeeders, Viens Avec Moi*
The Bon, Static Electricity*
Christian D & The Hangovers, Hot Mess*
Rattlesnake Choir, Sailor Bill*

Sets by DJ Rockin' Dave

Headcat, Matchbox
Bloodshot Bill, Let Me Rock*
Flat Duo Jets, Rockin' Bones*
Dex Romweber Duo, Death of Me
The Shakedown Combo, Honey Hush*
The Frantic Flat Tops, Strike Out King
Rosie Flores, Country Boy
Duane Eddy, Curveball
Atomic 7, Riding the Sorry Train to Dumpsville*

Stark Naked & The Fleshtones, I Was A Teenage Stockbroker*
King Chango, Drop Your Pants

* = Canadian