Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 11, 2014

hank you so much to everyone who called in to support Catwoman Radio during CIUT FM's drive to raise $160,000 for a new transmitter. This was day 3 of the 7 day campaign and the station so far has made 32% of our goal.

Also, thanks to DJs Rockin' Dave, Nautiloid Rick, Jelena B, Daibhid James and photographer Gayle Hurmuses for coming on air with me to help raise some cash.

The Royal Crowns, 32 Miles to Memphis*
Polaris, Hypnovista*
The Leather Uppers, Wizard's Castle*
The Sadies, The First 5 Minutes*
The Latin Brothers, Patrona de los Reclusos
King Chango, This is a Full-time Business
Alistair Christl, Catfight*
The Von Zippers, Betty Lou Got a New Tattoo*
Fathead, Blues Weather*

* = Canadian

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