Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 15, 2014

Steve Hill, Collector*
Bad Religion, Big Bang
Hanni El Khatib, Family
The Planet Smashers, Never Die Old*
Shakedown Combo, Hush, Honey Hush*
Buzz Deluxe, Safeword*
Teenage Head, Ain't Got No Sense*
Ogguere, Yo Me Lo Luche
Ska-P, Welcome To Hell
Garage Baby, Dearly Beloved*
Roy Paci & Aretuska, Cantu Siciliano
The Von Drats, Church Key*
Meanwood, All the Others*
The Howlin' Brothers, Pour It Down
Grady Yates, Long Road Back to You
Sunbear, It Doesn't Matter*
Fun-Da-mental, Firewater

* = Canadian