Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 3, 2014

Fathead, Blues Weather*
Luau or Die, Mojave Chaser*
The Chickens, Super Bee*
Tijuana Bibles, Pain Train*
Groovy Religion, Jimmy Tear*
Raygun Cowboys, Dead King's Rise*
The Fabulous Kildonians, On My Own*
Steve Hill, The Collector*
Eugene Ripper, Peter Brady's Bad Day*
Brian Blain, Ghost of Clinton's Tavern*
Elvis Bossanova, All Shook Up*
Psychotropical Orchestra, Contigo Aprendi*
Alistair Christl, Troubles to the Train*
Lindi Ortega, Tin Star*
Paul Reddick, Photograph*
Luau or Die, A Narrow Escape*

* = Canadian