Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 14, 2014

Jerry Goldsmith, Ave Satani
The Divorcees, Take Me To Where My Boots Are Walking*
Fabulous Beauhunks, Lights Out*
Scotland, All Those*
Royal Purple, Get Away
The Leather Uppers, Bigger Than a Breadbox*
Beady Belle, Lose and Win
Heavyweights Brass Band, Bad Romance*
Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer, Tea for Two*
The Huaraches, Jaywalk, Don't Run*
Mad Sin, Time Has Come
Ruder Than You, Creation Sounds
Double Experience, Strange Aquaintence*
Sheetah et Les Weissmuller, Quand
Ralph Robles, Getting Hppy*

* = Canadian