Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 20, 2015

The Cramps, Sado County Show
Alistair Christl, Little Jane May*
Linda Ortega, All These Cats*
Rebel Rhythm, Antillano*
The Mohawks, The Champ
The Pied Pipers, Stay in My Life
Forbidden Dimension, Satan's Satellite*
The Ramones, Beat on the Brat
Souljazz Orchestra, Parasite*
1977, Free*
Meeko Cheech, Emoticonnotations*
Run With The Kittens, Chewin' Head*
C'mon, You and Eye*
Bad Vibrations, Losing Time 1*
Rosie Flores, Walking Dream
Rockin' Ryan, Double Crossin' Daddy
The Von Drats, Wild Weekend*
Los Explosivos, Voy Corriendo
King Khan and his Shrines, I See Lights*

* = Canadian