Catwoman Radio Playlist, April 17, 2015

C&C Surf Factory, Cobra Basket*
Royal Crowns, 32 Miles from Memphis*
Teenage Head, Let's Shake*
Overnight Loews, So Well Read
Authentic Imperfection, Evidence Revealed*
Dum Dum Girls, Little Minx
Alistair Christl, Troubles to the Train*
Paul Reddick & The Sidemen, One Way Trip*
Davis Payne, One Hard Loose*
Reverb Syndicate, On To Checkpoint Bravo*
Cliffdivers, Where There's Gold*
C&C Surf Factory, Fire on the Dance Floor*
Afrodizz, Killing Floor*
Willie Colon, Che Che Cole
Vektor, Head in a Bottle*

* = Canadian