Catwoman Radio Playlist, October 9, 2015

C & C Surf Factory, Dirty Skirty*
C & C Surf Factory, P. Soup*
BS101, Nikola Tesla*
Steve Hill, The Collector*
Paul Reddick, Lived You Long*
Brian Blain, The Day Coke Saved the Blues*
C & C Surf Factory, Fire on the Dance Floor*
Jittery Jack, Boston Baby
The Lustre Kings, It Ain't Right
Wanda Jackson, It's All Over Now
Royal Crowns, Butterball Baby*
Jittery Jack, Boston My Home Town
The Nervous Fellows, Wild, Wild Baby*
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, All the Time*
Alistair Christl, I'm Her Man*
Gin Palace Jesters, Show Me Your Tears
Dave and Phil Alvin, I Feel So Good
Christopher Dignan, Black Barn*
The Sin-Tones, The Resurrection of Joe Clark*