Catwoman Radio Playlist, Nov. 6, 2015

Monty Python, Brave Sir Robin
The Huararches, A Fast One*
The Royal Crowns, Long Slow Ride*
Chuck Last, Alfa Dawg*
Handsome Ned, Ain't No Room for Cheatin'*
The Special Edisons, Fresh Pots$
Soul Motivators, Walk Away*
Tito Puente, Japan Mambo*
To Stowaway, Wellington*
Eugene Ripper, Vincent's Lament*
Ravonettes, D.R.U.G.S.
Donna Grantis, Kid's Got Moxie*
Luau or Die, Singapore Singh*
Dehli to Dublin, The Happy Track*
Ninety Pounds, Venom in My Denim*
Colonel Tom and the American Pour, One Horsepower*
Quantic, Track 16 from Mofongo Para El Alma*

* = Canadian