Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 11, 2016

Tijuana Bibles, Mexican Courage *
C&C Surf Factory, P Soup *
Royal Crowns, 32 Miles from Memphis *
Alistair Christl, Little Jane May *
Bobby Stagg, Older Than Me *
Hellbound Hepcats, Gone A While *
C&C Surf Factory, Fire on the Dancefloor *
C&C Surf Factory, Takeshiesque  *
Souljazz Orchestra, As the World Turns *
Minor Empire, Yuksek Yuksek Tepeler *
The Sadies, Tell Her What I Said *
Poppyseed & the Love Explosion, The Comet *
The Bon, Whammy *
C&C Surf Factory, Cat Girl *
Brian Blain, Ghost of Clinton's Tavern *
Saffron Sect, Wilds of the North *
Mr Something Something, You Are Beautiful *

* = Canadian