Catwoman Radio Playlist, May 27, 2016

Royal Crowns, Don't Seem Right* 6
The Cliffdivers, Apache*
Unseen Stranger, Old City Jail*
Honky Tonk Confidential, Your Trailer or Mine
Nancy Sinatra, Cuff Links and Tie Clip
Spiteri, Campesinas
Bacalao Men, Japones
The Cliffdivers, Pipeline*
The Gruesomes, You Were Not Using Your Head*
Thee Wilde Oscars, All For Naught
Flashing Lights, Elevature*
Curbside Sofa, No Love Lost*
The Wives, Not This Time 6.43
Various, Theme from Nightmare on Elmstreet
Dubioza Kolektiv, No Escape
The Cliffdivers, Spy 7*
Sisters Euclid, Frazzled*

* = Canadian