Catwoman Radio Playlist, August 5, 2016

Leather Uppers, Scream if You're High*
Ramblin Ambassadors, Superlungbucket*
Souljazz Orchestra, Awakening*
Dale Vaughan, How Can You Be Mean to Me
Ramblin Ambassadors, Dallas B. Goode*
Porter Wagoner, Eleven Cent Cotton
The Perpetrators, R. Cowboy*
Forgotten Rebels, Matchstick Men*
Ramblin Ambassadors, Super Bee*
Cold Blood, ShopTalk
Alejandro Duran, Cumbia Costena
Sheila Gostick, Look for me In the Alley*
Carolyn Mark, Chumpville*
Del McCoury, Call Me If You Need a Fool
Eve Hell and the Razors, Pick Dust*
Chad Charles, Jolly Good Time
Ramblin Ambassadors, Pine Beetle Express*
BS101 Techno Apocalypse*
Slowmother, Drugs
Planet Smashers, Attack of the Planet Smashers*

* = Canadian