Catwoman Radio Playlist, November 25, 2016

Hissy Fit, Sensible Girl*
El Caminos, Exotic
Dan 1 & Jump with Joey, Barefootin'
Kinky, Canibal
Soul Snatchers, Little Love
Carl Perkins, Put Your Cat Clothes On
Saddlesores, Garbage Trick O' Love*
Flash Lightnin', Rock and Roll*
El Caminos, Sumo Wrestler
Taraf de Haidouks, The Fields are Blooming
Babazula, Kokler
Desert Mountain Tribe, Heaven and Hell
Tame Impala, The Less I Know, the Better
The Forty-Fives, Backstage at Juanita's
Green Hour Band, Countdown*
C'mon, Gracious!!!*
El Caminos, Big Surf
Nava, Baduluque

* = Canadian