Catwoman Radio Playlist, December 17, 2016

Fanfare Tirana, Weeping Willow Tree
The Huaraches, A Fast One*
Arthur Lyman, Tabu Tu
Deke Dickerson, Mexicali Rose
The Pied Pipers, Stay in my Life
Cub, You Know it Did*
Wooden Shjips, Other Stars
Budos Band, River Serpentine
The Huaraches, A Nerd in Tunisia*
The Huaraches, Zooma Hey*
Carolyn Mark & The Roommates, Catscan*
Run With The Kittens, The Sun Don't Ever Shine*
Dunkelbundt, Cinnamon Girl
Raygun Cowboys, Light Me Up*
Ginger St James, Furious*
Lori Yates, Laugh Till We Cry*
The Huaraches, Chuggin*
Bella Clava, When Christ Was a Cowboy*
Asian Dub Foundation, Psychosamba*
Los Hacheros, Papote's Guarjira

* = Canadian