Catwoman Radio Playlist, March 3, 2017

Wganda Kenya, El Caterete
Aquavelvets, Surfmania
Tijuana Bibles, Deadly Weapons*
Bucovina Club vs Taraif de Haiduks, Carolina
Ronnie Hayward Trio, Cooin to the Wrong Pigeon*
Swamp Music Players, Sugarcoat*
Aquavelvets, Mexican Rooftop Afternoon
Black Angels, Bad Vibrations
Bat's Pajama's, Meteor*
Tricky Woo, Hot Kitty*
BS101, Nikola Tesla*
Rival Sons, Pressure and Time
Aquavelvets, Martini Time
Five Alarm Funk, Wash Your Face*
The Dickies, Toxic Avenger
Grimskunk, Overture in E Minor*
Eve Hell & the Razors, After Dark*
Eugene Ripper, Hangman*
Dengue Fever, One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula

* = Canadian