Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 28, 2017

Sonora Dinamita, Eco en Stereo
The Flaps, Water*
Mahala Rai Banda, Zuki Zuki
Ray Condo, Swing Brother Swing*
Jason Plumb & the Willing, Wascana*
The Perpetrators, Spend More Money*
The Sheepdogs, Downtown*
The Flaps, Ouzo*
Eastern Standard Time, Bemsha Swing
Los Bravos, Rudy's In Love
Danny Wolfe, Let's Flat Get It
Link Wray, Slinky
Wayne the Train Hancock, This Lonely Night
The Flaps, House of Mirrors*
Uubbuurruu, Cosmic Cannibalism*
Scissortooth, 10.50*
The Destructors, Strange Thing
Dilly Dally, Snake Head*
Sate, Warrior*
Manu Dibango, Big Blow

* = Canadian