Catwoman Radio Playlist, July 20, 2018

Agent Orange, The Electric Storm
The Flaps, Water*
Babalao Stereo Club, Move Your Body*
Souljazz Orchestra, Tambou a deux peaux*
Justin Curtis, Ice Cream Boogie*
Jack Earls, Sign on the Dotted Line
Curtis Gordon, Draggin'
Petunia & the Vipers, Chained*
The Flaps, Ouzo*
Five Alarm Funk, Wheels on the Bus*
Double Experience, Gambit*
G Men, Movement in the Tree Line*
Doll, Youth of Today, Hope for Tomorrow
The Arsenals, Hypocrite*
The Flaps, House of Mirrors*
Tim Hus, Madawaska River*
Sarah Blackwood, Dealing Aces*
Miranda Lee Richardson, 7th Ray
Debo Band, Yalanchi

* = Canadian