Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 16, 2015

Run With the Kittens, Sun Don't Ever Shine*
Steve Hill, The Collector*
Jake Chisholm, Diamond in a Coal Mine*
Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Too Deep
Budos Band, Into the Fog
Gary Kendall Band, That Thing*
Brian Blain, Terrace Inn*
Ronnie Hayward, Darlin' Why Do Ya Do*
The Living Deads, Blackout Snow White
The Greasemarks, Love My Woman*
Linda Ortega, Demons Don't Get Me Down*
Planet Smashers, Take It From the Top*
The Booby Traps, Bad Reaction
Sheetah et les Weissmullers, Hallucinations
Danny Marks, El Kabong!*

* = Canadian