Catwoman Radio Playlist, January 2, 2015

Atomic 7, She's Got Hagar Party Slacks*
Badmarsh & Shri, Signs
The Saffron Sect, All Leads Back to You*
The Mods, Reign of Terror*
The Pack A.D, Lights*
New Country Rehab, State Trooper*
Dale Watson, Nashvillle Rash
Atomic 7, Seven Stranded Castenets*
Slim Moore & The Markeys, Help Me Now*
The Beladeans, All the Time
Al Green, Love and Happiness
Blkan Beat Box, Balcumbia
Fania All-Stars, Mama Guela
Chus Martinez, Soul 2
The Okamotos, The "M" Song
The Hi-Fives, You Can
Cliff Divers, Pipeline*

* = Canadian