Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 19, 2015

Tower of Power, Only So Much Oil in the Ground
The Cliffdivers, Apache Live*
George Clinton, Atomic Dog
Yuka, Mr. Pink*
The Key Frames, Tidal Wave*
Catl, Lamplight the Way*
Hill Valley Lightening, Devil Yell*
The Cliffdivers, Where's the Gold?*
Tia Brazda, Cabin Fever*
Barrance Whitfield and the Savages, Hangman's Token
Hellbound Hepcats, Only Man*
Bellaclava, Survive*
The Cliffdivers, Lonesome Rhoads*
Bad Religion, Modern Man
Bruiser Brody, The Crusher*
The Saffron Sect, All Leads Back to You*
Whodini, The Freaks Come Out at Night

* = Canadian