Catwoman Radio Playlist, June 26, 2015

Run With The Kittens, Joyland Beach*
C&C Surf Factory, Dirty Skirty*
The Threat, Not the Only One*
Me First and the Gimme Giimmes, Desparado
The Smugglers, Barkerville*
The Cliffdivers, Spy 7*

sets by DJ Mike

The Royal Crowns, Goonie Bird*
James Knight & the Butlers, Funky Cat
Bend Sinister, Fancy Pants
King Khan and the Shrines, Kukamonga Boogaloo*
Nebula, Decadent Garden
The Dolly Rocker Movement, Get Up & Go-Go
Tijuana Bibles, Wheelchair Werewolf*
The Sadies, Cut Corners*

C & C Surf Factory, The Outsider*
Hill Valley Lightening, Long Way*
Da Lata, Serious*

*  = Canadian